About us

Hi fellow paddlers. My name is Mark, and I’m an experienced paddle boarder with a love of the outdoors. Paddling is a huge part of my life, so I decided to start Paddle Board Tips to share what I’ve learned in over a decade of being an enthusiastic hobbyist.

It’s my aim to provide honest, fluff-free reviews, opinions, and guidance to other paddle boarders, or people who want to learn more about this awesome sport. I know how difficult it can be for beginners to get started – there’s so much to learn about boards, equipment, accessories, safety – even paddleboarding lingo that you might not be familiar with!

I hope that Paddle Board Tips will be a place where people come to learn all about paddle boarding from a fellow paddler. I review the boards and accessories that I use, and I only recommend products that I truly believe are worth it. 

So stick around if you want to:

  • Learn more about paddle boarding,  including how-to articles, safety tips, and more
  • Figure out which paddle board is right for you
  • Learn more about SUP fitness
  • Read unbiased, hands-on reviews of the best paddle boards and paddle boarding accessories out there

I hope that you enjoy reading these resources as much as I enjoy creating them. Happy paddling!

About Paddle Board Tips

I speak directly with manufacturers – and sometimes they send me the boards to test, but sometimes I buy them myself. I’m an enthusiastic hobbyist, so I’m always getting my hands on boards, paddles, and other accessories – so the reviews I provide here are based on information that comes from the brands I feature, as well as hands-on testing and knowledge.

I also like to feature anecdotal evidence in my reviews from the paddle boarding community – and I always explain whenever I do this. I like to think that this combination of field-testing, manufacturer information, and social proof (as well as my own critical analysis), makes Paddle Board Tips a trustworthy source of information for anyone looking to learn more about paddle boarding, or wanting to buy a paddle board. 

I may earn a small commission from sales made through links on the website at no additional cost to you. Read more.