Are Bote Paddle Boards Good?

Bote paddle boards are known for their unique designs and innovative features. It’s quite a popular brand and many paddlers are always eager to see what new designs Bote comes up with. There’s a lot of hype around the brand, no doubt. 

But if you’re looking to buy a SUP, you’ll be concerned about more than just the appearance or the “Bote lifestyle”. I’ve seen a lot of people ask whether Bote paddle boards are overrated, especially given their price. They aren’t exactly cheap.

The question I get often is: are Bote paddle boards good? My answer is yes. Bote SUP boards are great and some of the most stable boards you can find. But like I mentioned, they can be a little expensive. 

Let’s take a closer look at why paddlers, myself included, love Bote stand up paddle boards. 

What Makes Bote Paddle Boards Good? 

Despite being on the more expensive side, Bote is still a very popular brand in the paddle boarding world. Here’s why. 

Unmatched Stability

Bote SUPs are super stable–some of the most stable paddle boards I have ever paddled.

This stability is partly due to their width. Bote paddle boards are generally wide, especially their fishing SUPs which can be as wide as 40 inches. They offer a nice, stable platform–perfect for beginners, multiple riders, and gear-heavy activities like fishing and touring.

Some models like the Rackham and the Traveller have a recessed deck too. It reduces a paddler’s center of gravity and promotes stability. 

For instance, the Traveller boards, both the 14’ and the 12’6, are touring SUPs designed for speed. They are, thus, quite narrow (29.5 and 28 inches). The recessed deck makes them more stable than touring paddle boards of the same size. All without interfering with their ability to glide fast.

The recessed deck is also an amazing feature for fishing. You can move around and cast much more comfortably than you would with some of the other fishing boards. 

Innovative Features

Bote founders wanted their paddle boards to have the capabilities of a boat and the simplicity of a SUP board. They have some of the most feature-rich paddle boards around.

Take the Rackham Aero, for instance. Some paddle boarders will tell you that it’s the ultimate fisherman’s paddle board. And they wouldn’t be wrong. 

It features tons of accessory mounting points, Rac mounting points (compatible with Bote Rac accessories), paddle sheath, sand spear sheath, and much more. It also has a Magnepod–a magnetic accessory point for attaching Bote Magnepod accessories like tumblers and bottles.

There are so many ways to customize this paddle board (you can even add a pedal drive system). It’s a fisherman’s dream, especially for those who like to try all kinds of fishing gear. 

The Rackham Aero isn’t the only one. Other models come packed with features too. Bote even has micro skiffs for paddlers who want to take their SUP experiences to the next level. 

Unique Designs

You can tell a Bote paddle board from a distance. The boards don’t look like every other SUP on the market–even their inflatable paddle boards. So on top of unique features, you get designs that stand out. 

The designs range from the classic wood aesthetic to gorgeous florals that you won’t see on another SUP. There are also some beautiful graphics inspired by nature like the whale shark graphics on the HD Aero.  

Reliable Construction

In addition to remarkable stability, great features, and stunning designs, Bote paddle boards are also durable and long-lasting. 

Bote inflatable boards are made using Aero Technology. They feature military-grade drop stitch and PVC construction (some of them are made with a single layer of PVC, others dual layer). Those made with a single PVC layer are lighter and easier to handle, while those with two layers are even more durable. 

You never have to worry about flexing or bending with Bote iSUPs, as they are extremely rigid, and they’re suitable for paddlers of all sizes. 

The solid paddle boards from Bote feature Gatorshell Technology and advanced plastics in their construction. This results in solid SUPs that are six times tougher than your average epoxy paddle board. Bote SUPs handle impact well, which explains why adventurous paddlers love them. 

The construction also allows Bote boards to be shaped in a way that maximizes performance for different SUP activities. They glide smoothly and are quite fun to paddle. 

Bote Micro Skiffs

Bote paddle boards also come in the form of micro skiffs – with the Bote Rover and Boter Rover Aero leading the way in motorized paddle boards. 

The skiffs are compatible with an outboard motor so you can use electric power to propel your board, and can alternate between paddling and using a motor. Paddling allows you to quietly sneak up on fish while a motor helps you get to your destination faster, and go further, without getting tired. 

The Bote Rover Aero is an inflatable micro skiff designed for fishing. It features a two-chamber construction and Bote’s Aero technology, making it unbelievably tough. 

The inflatable micro skiff measures 12’6 x 40.5” x 11” with a recessed deck. Its stability is remarkable. The Rover Aero is packed with features, including Scotty mounts, lash points, paddle sheath, bungee straps, and Rac receivers for all your fishing gear and accessories. 

(Rac receivers are rack attachment points compatible with Bote’s Rac accessories such as their bucket rack, tackle rack, and grab rack – and you can switch the configuration to your liking). 

It comes with a Motorac, which you can use to attach an electric motor for those long fishing trips.

The Bote Rover is just like the Rover Aero, except it’s a solid micro-skiff, not inflatable. It’s longer, at 14 feet, and thicker, at 12 inches, and the stability is exceptional. It has a pointy nose and a displacement hull, features that facilitate performance. You can cover so much distance in a short period of time with it.

Like the Rover Aero, it comes with a Motorac and tons of attachment features for all your fishing accessories. 

It’s much heavier, though, weighing 105 pounds. But it’s compatible with the Wheel Rac (Bote’s SUP cart) so you can transport it easily. 

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Conclusion: Are Bote Boards Worth It?

Yes, Bote paddle boards are worth it if you’re looking for a premium paddle board with features and designs that stand out. They have some of the best paddle boards around, especially for fishing and touring. 

However, you should note that they aren’t cheap. Bote boards are more expensive compared to similar SUPs. Take the Bote Breeze, for instance. It doesn’t come with a particularly wide array of features and could be easily considered an entry-level SUP with how basic it is. But the price is a little on the higher side compared to, say, the Nautical – an entry-level SUP from iRocker. 

The same goes for the Bote Flood when you compare it to a similar board like the iRocker Cruiser. They are both amazing all-around SUPs with nice features and from reputable companies. But the Cruiser is cheaper. 

So, while Bote paddle boards are excellent, they’re not the cheapest SUPs out there.