The 11 Best SUP Shoes of 2024

As an experienced paddler, I believe that owning a good pair of paddle boarding shoes is very important. You need to have at least one pair of water shoes for stand up paddling. The right footwear will keep your feet warm when paddle boarding during winter, and can help prevent you from slipping. SUP shoes also protect your feet from getting injured by rocks and other dangerous objects that may be in or around the water. 

To help you find the best shoes for your paddle boarding adventures, I recommend my top 11 water shoes to check out. I also discuss how to choose the right shoes for your needs so you don’t end up with something you don’t like. 

All the SUP water shoes here are fantastic. But if I had to pick my favorite, I’d go with the SUOKENI water shoes (for men and for women). I’ll talk about them in detail below, as well as the other amazing paddle board shoes. So read on. 

Quick Summary

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top water shoes. Or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews.

  • Best for Men:  SUOKENI Men’s Water Shoes
    The SUOKENI water shoes for men feature soft material that’s comfortable against the skin. Both the upper and sole have great drainage to allow for quick draining of water and sweat
  • Best for Women: SUOKENI Women’s Water Shoes
    SUOKENI women’s shoes offer full coverage, protecting your feet from any injuries while out there. Both the upper and the soles are soft and breathable for all-day comfort
  • Best for Kids: Cior Boys and Girls SUP Shoes
    Cior SUP shoes are made using lightweight and breathable materials to help your kids have fun in the water with zero discomfort. They’re easy to put on and take off too”
  • Best Budget: BARERUN Quick-Drying Shoes  
    BARERUN water shoes are affordable but super comfortable, giving you a barefoot feel. They’re also well-made with a grippy sole that will prevent you from sliding and potentially getting injured

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The Top 11 Paddle Boarding Shoes

Here are the best paddle boarding shoes of 2024. 

1. SUOKENI Men’s Water Shoes – Best Paddle Boarding Shoes for Men

suokenis men water shoes

The SUOKENI water shoes are a fantastic choice for stand up paddle boarding and, in my opinion, they’re the best you can get.

One of the top reasons why I love these shoes is the materials used to make them. The upper is made using soft mesh material which feels great against your skin and won’t cause irritation. It’s also breathable and quick-drying so your feet won’t be all wet and sweaty. 

The sole is made from a material that is lightweight and flexible. You can wear the shoes for hours while paddle boarding without any kind of discomfort. I also love that it allows for air circulation and drains water and sweat quickly. 

The sole is anti-slip too so you can SUP without worrying about slipping on the wet paddle board or slippery rocks.  

The elastic shoelace system to wear and take off. You’ll appreciate this when you have to wear or remove them, especially while on your paddle board. 

The SUOKENI water shoe for men comes in 20 colors so you can choose a color that best suits your style. 

If you’re looking for high-quality and comfortable SUP water shoes, check out these SUOKENI quick-drying men’s shoes. 

  • Soft and breathable mesh upper: The shoe’s upper is soft and feels nice against your skin even when it gets wet. It’s also breathable and allows efficient air circulation, keeping your feet comfortable even when it’s hot.  
  • Lightweight and flexible sole: I think this is really important in a water shoe! The sole of the SUOKENI men’s shoes is unbelievably light and it won’t weigh you down when you’re having fun. 
  • Quick and efficient drainage: Drainage is an important feature for these water shoes. The unique drainage holes create an efficient drainage system for sweat and water, meaning it drains away and keeps your feet dry. This makes for remarkable comfort. 
  • Elastic shoelace system: I love the shoelace system on these shoes as it makes it easy to slip the shoe on or off whenever you want. 
  • Pebbles get stuck in the drainage holes: The drainage holes do an amazing job of draining water. But when walking on gravel, pebbles can get stuck in the holes, which is annoying. 

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2. SUOKENI Women’s Water Shoes – Best SUP Shoes for Women

suokeni women water shoes

For women, these SUOKENI water SUP shoes are a great option. 

Like the men’s shoes, they have a mesh upper that allows for proper drainage of water and sweat. It also promotes air circulation, giving your feet a cool and comfortable environment all day long. 

The rubber sole is light and flexible, just like the men’s shoes, so you can paddle while wearing the shoe for hours. It’s also anti-slip and you can be confident that you won’t be sliding on slippery surfaces. 

The material, though lightweight and elastic, is still tough enough to protect your feet when you have to walk on rocky beaches. 

The SUOKENI women’s shoes come in 27 colors–bright colors, muted colors, and several classic black options. I like the sheer amount of choice, and I imagine there will definitely be something to suit everyone’s tastes. Or, if you don’t want to settle for just one, you can opt for multiple different looks.

These shoes offer full coverage for your feet and, seeing how comfortable they are, you can use them for daily walking, not just paddle boarding. 

  • Super comfortable: SUOKENI women’s shoes for SUP offer all-day comfort, thanks to the soft breathable material. 
  • Quality anti-slip rubber sole: The sole does a great job providing traction and you don’t have to worry about sliding and getting hurt, even when stepping on slippery rocks. 
  • Multiple color options: I love that you get 27 color options so you can choose something that perfectly suits your style. 
  • Nice shoelace system: The shoelace system makes it easy to quickly put on and take off the shoe. 
  • Drainage holes get pebbles stuck in them: Like the SUOKENI men’s shoes, the women’s shoes also get stones stuck in the drainage holes. 

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3. Cior Boys and Girls SUP Shoes – Best Kids’ Shoes for Paddle Boarding

Cior SUP water shoes would be great for the young paddler in your life. 

One thing I love about these shoes is how lightweight they are. Both the sole and upper are made using very light materials so kids can comfortably wear them for hours. 

The upper material is breathable, to keep little feet cool all day long. The cushion insoles are breathable too and they have holes to drain water and sweat. They’re also soft and will prevent fatigue, especially on those long paddle boarding trips. 

The sole is made using EVA material with rubber pods. In addition to being unbelievably lightweight, the sole offers added traction so they won’t slide on their wet SUP board or any other slippery surface. 

Cior water shoes come in many different designs and patterns that kids will love. 

They are also available in a wide range of sizes and are ideal for toddlers as well as older kids. 

  • Fun colors and patterns: It’s important that SUP shoes for kids are also stylish – and the Cior Boys and Girls SUP Shoes don’t disappoint. Your young adventurer has over 20 colors and patterns to choose from and they all look amazing. 
  • Soft, breathable material: The material is high-quality and soft so kids won’t have to worry about itching and chafing. It’s also breathable to keep their feet cool. 
  • Ultra lightweight: Having lightweight shoes is great for water activities like paddle boarding. These shoes are unbelievably lightweight and your kid can wear them all day long. 
  • Versatile: I love the fact that these shoes aren’t just good for paddle boarding. Your child can wear them for other land or water activities. 
  • Hard to get sand out: The net material under the insole traps a lot of sand and the holes at the bottom aren’t enough to let it all out.

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4. BARERUN Quick-Drying Shoes – Best Budget Water Shoes for SUP

barerun water shoes

BARERUN shoes don’t cost much, compared to other water shoes. But for the price, you get a quality pair of comfortable SUP shoes. 

The most outstanding feature, I’d say, is the flexibility of both the upper and the sole. These shoes are like socks and they give you a barefoot feel. They’re so comfortable, you can easily forget you’re wearing them. The shoes are also foldable so they won’t take up a lot of space on your SUP board.

I love that the manufacturer paid attention to the neck of the BARERUN water shoes. It feels soft and doesn’t cause chafing

This shoe may be soft but the rubber outsole is still tough enough to protect your feet if you step on sharp objects. It’s also grippy and will prevent you from sliding on wet surfaces. 

You get so many color options with the BARERUN paddle board shoes–over 40 colors and patterns for you to choose from. 

  • Flexible with a barefoot feel: The BARERUN shoes are flexible and almost like socks. They won’t weigh you down or limit you while you’re out exploring. 
  • Soft material: The material feels so soft and nice against your skin, especially the neck. It doesn’t rub against your skin which is awesome, especially when you have to wear the shoe all day. 
  • Easy to slip on and off: No need to stop and tie your shoes; there are no shoelaces so you can quickly slip the shoe on and off.  
  • Sole is a little thin: I appreciate how light and flexible the sole is but it’s thin so you’ll feel the ground you’re walking on and it can be uncomfortable. 

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5. NRS Kinetic Water Shoes

nrs kinetic water shoes

Cold water paddling will be much more comfortable and fun with the NRS Kinetic water shoes

Both the upper and the insole are made using three-millimeter terraprene neoprene material which ensures your feet stay warm

The outer sole features 1.5 millimeter textured rubber which is lightweight and easy to wear all day, but still tough enough to protect your feet even when walking on rocky ground. 

A secure fit is important because you don’t want your shoes coming off when you’re trying to enjoy your SUP session, more so when it’s cold. Thankfully, NRS Kinetic water shoes have elastic rubber bands that you can use to adjust the fit. This makes them super easy to use, wear, and take off.  

I love how the shoe has a naturally-shaped toe box which provides a roomy and comfortable space for each toe. 

  • High-quality: NRS Kinetic shoes are well-made and you never have to worry about them coming apart in the middle of your paddling adventure. 
  • Keeps your feet warm: The three-millimeter neoprene material is well insulated. This ensures that your feet don’t freeze when paddle boarding in cold conditions, which is great for people who paddle in cold water, or anyone who doesn’t let colder weather dictate when they take their SUP out on the water.  
  • Stretchy rubber bands: The Kinetics have adjustable straps that are stretchy but firm, providing a secure fit. I love these elastic rubber bands as they make it easy for you to adjust the way the shoes fit, and tighten them if you need to. 
  • Tough rubber soles: It’s amazing how light the rubber soles feel, yet they offer maximum traction and protect your feet from sharp objects.  
  • Expensive: If you’re looking for a budget pair of SUP shoes, then these might not be the best for you. The NRS Kinetic neoprene water shoes aren’t cheap, compared to the other water shoes here, but their quality is remarkable. 

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6. L-Run Athletic Water Shoes

L Run water shoes

L-Run water shoes are designed for comfort, whether you have narrow or wide feet. 

These paddle boarding shoes have a wide-toe design as well as an elastic band to help you adjust the fit. You won’t have to paddle around with your toes squeezed together uncomfortably all day long – if they’re too tight, simply adjust them. . 

The upper fabric is super lightweight and breathable, creating a nice cool environment for your feet–even in blazing-hot conditions. It’s also stretchy and flexible, giving you that barefoot feel. 

The outsole of the L-Run water shoe is thick, with amazing traction. These textured rubber soles will protect your feet from sharp rocks and other objects in or around the water. It has strong traction to prevent slipping on smooth wet surfaces. 

Although the sole is thick, these shoes are still lightweight and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want a shoe that won’t hinder them. 

These unisex water shoes are available in almost 40 colors for you to choose from according to your style. 

  • Ideal for wide feet: I love that these shoes have enough room! The wide-toe design and elastic band make these shoes ideal for paddlers with wider feet. You can also adjust the fit, which is awesome. 
  • Thick rubber sole: For a water shoe, the rubber outsole of the L-Run Athletic is thick and offers enough protection for your feet, and also prevents you from slipping. 
  • Tons of color options: Plenty of choice when it comes to what color you want to wear with this shoe. You get 39 color options so you can find multiple pairs that match your style. 
  • Insole comes out easily: The insole comes out when you’re taking off the shoe but it’s easy to put back. 

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7. Mishansha Quick-Dry Water Shoes

mishansha water shoes

Mishansha water shoes look good and, more importantly, they feel good. 

The inner lining is soft and I love how it feels against the skin.

The upper of the shoe is made using Lycra material which is lightweight and stretchy so you don’t have to deal with the potential discomfort of a stiff shoe while you’re out having fun. It’s also breathable to facilitate ventilation and a healthy environment for your feet.

The rubber sole has small drainage holes for sweat and water drainage. They also double as ventilation holes and will keep your feet cool even when it’s hot. The shoe’s sole is thick enough to protect your feet from rocks but still flexible and lightweight, so it’s easy and comfortable to wear. 

I love that these shoes come with elastic straps which allow you to quickly adjust the fit, depending on the width of your feet. They also make it easy to put on and take off the shoes. 

Lastly, Mishansha water sports shoes look great. They have a stylish appearance and they come in many gorgeous colors and prints for you to choose from. 

  • Soft, skin-friendly material: These paddle boarding water shoes don’t rub against your skin. You can wear them for hours.  
  • Lightweight and flexible: Both the sole and the upper are lightweight and flexible, it feels like you’re wearing socks. The shoes are quite comfortable. 
  • Breathable and quick-drying: The upper material is breathable while the sole has holes that allow for maximum air circulation. Your feet will stay cool even in warmer weather. 
  • Stylish design with lots of color options: Mishansha water shoes come in over 40 colors and they all look amazing. You’ll be spoilt for choice – and if you can’t decide, you can buy more than one pair in different colorways. 
  • Size is not accurate: They run large and your usual shoe size may be too big. 

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8. Body Glove Men’s Ribcage Water Shoes

body glove ribcage water shoe

Body Glove Ribcage men’s water shoe is designed to enhance your performance, whether you’re SUP fishing or paddling whitewater. 

The rubber soles have an ultra-grip design that offers unmatched stability so you won’t slip and lose your balance. You can take on extreme SUP activities with confidence. 

These men’s shoes also have an elastic shoelace design which I love. It works well and you can use it to quickly adjust the fit even in the middle of a SUP session. It also makes the shoes easy to wear and take off–you don’t have to deal with traditional shoelaces. 

One notable feature of the Body Glove Ribcage shoes is the reduced sole height. It creates a barefoot natural balance while still protecting your feet from sharp rocks and other objects. 

The upper is stretchy and is made with soft, breathable material. It dries quickly and allows for air circulation so your feet will stay cool and comfortable. 

  • Integrated drainage system: Drainage is important in all footwear that’s designed for water activities – and it’s no different with the Body Glove Ribcage. This system facilitates the flow of water and sweat from the upper through the outsole and also facilitates air flow for all-day comfort. 
  • Reduced sole height: This gives you a more natural feel and you can wear the shoes while doing any activity. F
  • Ultra-grip sole: The sole, though flexible, offers amazing traction and stability. You don’t have to worry about losing your balance on slippery surfaces, and you’ll be able to stick to your SUP with ease. 
  • Can be a little narrow: If you have wider feet, these Body Glove Ribcage water shoes can feel tight, as they do seem to run on the narrow side.

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9. WateLves Water Shoes

watelves water shoes

WateLves are so lightweight that you even stop noticing you’re wearing them after a while. The upper material stretches and it won’t restrict you while you’re trying to have a good time out in the water. It’s also breathable and quick-drying so your feet won’t get all hot and sweaty. 

The sole is thin, lightweight, and flexible. You can even fold the shoes for storage when you’re done using them. However, it’s still made of high-quality rubber and is ergonomically molded. This means that the sole will not only provide a level of protection for your feet, it’ll also give you comfort. 

In addition to having a breathable upper, these slip-on water shoes have small drainage holes on the soles to facilitate air and water flow. They’ll keep your feet feeling good all day long. 

The shoes look great too and you have almost 50 colors and prints to choose from

  • Smooth material: The material used to make the WateLves is super smooth and skin-friendly, especially around the neck of the shoe. You won’t have to worry about chafing. 
  • Ultra-lightweight: The WateLves are some of the most lightweight paddle boarding water shoes you can find. They’d be great for long SUP trips.
  • Easy to wear: All you have to do is slip them on and that’s it!
  • Lots of colors and patterns: You have so many options when it comes to the color or print of your water shoes. 
  • You can’t adjust the fit: The fit is not adjustable but the material is stretchy and will fit most feet sizes well.

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10. Body Glove 3t Barefoot Hero Water Shoes

body glove hero water shoes

The Body Glove Hero water shoes have a unique design that sets them apart from other water shoes. 

The shoe features three individual toe pockets which ensure that your performance isn’t affected. The three-toe design also protects the smaller toes from getting hurt and makes it easy to wear the shoes. They’re the best paddle board shoes for outdoor enthusiasts who want a shoe that will maximize, not hinder, their performance. 

Like the other Body Glove water shoes above, these ones also have an integrated drainage system. It improves airflow and allows water to flow easily from the upper through the sole. This significantly reduces the drying time. 

On top of having the three-toe design, the Body Glove Hero shoes have a reduced sole height and zero heel lift. This gives you an even more natural feel so it’s almost like you aren’t wearing shoes. But you’ll still have the protection of the tough ultra-grip soles. 

  • Unique three-toe design: This design ensures that your performance is not affected and it also keeps your smaller toes from getting injured. 
  • Reduced sole height: It gives a barefoot feel and you still maintain amazing control of your paddle board. 
  • Elastic shoelace: Body Glove Hero men’s water shoes have an elastic shoelace design that lets you adjust the fit. 
  • Expensive:Those on a super tight budget might want to look elsewhere – but you can’t fault the quality. While these shoes don’t come cheap you can tell from the design that they’re worth it. 

Check Price of the Body Glove 3t Barefoot Hero Water Shoes

11. SIMARI Quick-Dry Water Shoes

simari water shoes

Lastly, we have SIMARI water shoes–popular and top-rated. 

These unisex water shoes have an upper made of mesh material that’s breathable and quick-drying. It’s stretchy and the water shoe also has a shoelace system–features that ensure a snug and comfortable fit. 

The sole is pretty solid and has great traction. It will protect you from getting injured by any sharp objects or rocks on the beach. It has eight drainage holes to let out water and promote ventilation, creating a cool and healthy environment for your feet

SIMARI paddle boarding shoes are versatile and you can use them for other activities like kayaking, swimming, and other water activities. 

And with over 40 color options, you can get several pairs that suit your style for different sports. 

  • Soft and breathable upper: The upper is made of soft material that doesn’t irritate or rub uncomfortably against your skin. 
  • Affordable price: SIMARI water shoes are high-quality and their popularity confirms that. Yet they are available at a low price compared to most of the other water shoes. 
  • Tough, durable sole: The rubber sole offers great foot protection, so no more avoiding rocky beaches. 
  • Only good for water activities: While some of the other water shoes here can be used for activities like hiking, SIMARI shoes are only good for water activities.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Shoes for Your SUP Adventures

The last thing you want is an uncomfortable pair of paddle boarding shoes. Good SUP shoes should fit well and ensure comfort throughout your paddling trip. So how do you choose SUP shoes that will make your paddle boarding trips better?

Here are the things you should consider. 

Breathability and Comfort of the Material

A good SUP water shoe should be made of material that is breathable to allow for air circulation. This will keep your feet cool and comfortable by letting heat out and cold fresh air in. 

It also ensures a healthy environment so you don’t have to worry about stinking feet or infections. 

Breathable materials also dry quickly which is important because your water shoes will most likely get wet. 

Neoprene, lycra, and polyester are some of the materials commonly used to make water shoes–as you can see from the reviews above. They are breathable and comfortable. 

The Design of the Inner and Outer Sole 

The insole should be breathable, just like the rest of the shoe, and comfortable. I also prefer a removable insole so I can easily replace it if need be. 

When it comes to the outer sole, you want something that is flexible, and not bulky. Such a sole will give you a barefoot feel and won’t hinder your performance. 

It should also have traction, so you don’t slide on your wet paddle board or slippery rocks–this can be dangerous. 

The sole should be thick enough to protect your feet from sharp objects too. 

Are the Shoes Durable?

You’ll be using your water shoes for SUP and other outdoor activities, so it’s obviously important to get a pair that can stand up to this type of outdoor activity. Tgis means they need to be durable, and made from durable materials.

Neoprene and lycra are two materials known for their durability and are the best for SUP shoes. 

Take care of your water shoes. This will also determine how they will last. Clean them with fresh water after every use and ensure that they dry completely before storing them. 

Ease of Wearing and Taking Off

Lastly, it’s good to have shoes that you can quickly slip on and off. 

I love the above shoes because they are all easy to wear. Those that can be adjusted have a simple shoelace design that you can quickly adjust even in the middle of your SUP session. 

To Wear Or Not to Wear: Should You Wear Shoes When Paddle Boarding?

There’s no right answer to this question. Most paddlers, however, seem to prefer paddling barefoot because you’re more connected to the board and this may give you better control.

Others prefer to wear shoes to protect their feet when walking on rocky ground. SUP shoes, like the NRS Kinetic shoes, will also keep your feet warm when cold water paddling. 

It comes down to what you personally prefer and what your paddling lifestyle is like. 

What Shoes Are Best for SUP? 

The best shoes for paddle boarding are breathable with good drainage. This will ensure that your feet are cool and comfortable all day long. 

The material should be soft and smooth so it doesn’t irritate your skin and cause chafing. 

It’s also nice to have a water shoe that’s flexible. You’ll find it more comfortable and it won’t hinder you from performing different SUP tricks and techniques. 

How Do You Keep Your Feet Dry When Paddle Boarding? 

Keeping your feet dry when paddle boarding is tricky. There’s a likelihood of falling into the water, and even if you won’t, water will splash onto the deck and your feet will get wet. 

Most people don’t mind, though, because it’s all part of paddle boarding. It only becomes an issue when the water temperature is low. So if you’re paddling during winter, you might want to get a good pair of neoprene shoes. They won’t keep your feet from getting wet but they will keep them warm. 


When it comes to buying water shoes for paddle boarding, you can’t afford to get it wrong. You want comfortable shoes that you can wear for hours. The ones I’ve discussed above are some of the best you can find. 

SUOKENI shoes, both the men’s and women’s versions, are well-made and provide full coverage for your feet. I love that the material is soft and feels nice against the skin. They’re breathable and quick-drying too. 

For young paddlers, I highly recommend Cior water shoes for boys and girls. They are super lightweight and comfortable, perfect for little feet. They also come in fun colors that your child will love. 

If your budget is a little tight, you should check out BARERUN quick-drying shoes. They may be low-priced but their quality is remarkable. They’re also quite comfortable. 

So be sure to pick the water shoes that best suit you and go have fun!