The Best Women’s Paddle Boards Reviewed (2024)

Stand up paddle boarding is a wonderful sport, and you wouldn’t want a bad paddle board to ruin it for you. But finding the best women’s paddle board is no easy task – you want a board that’s designed with women in mind, but doesn’t compromise on quality or design. 

Given the hundreds of paddle boards on the market, finding that perfect one can seem almost impossible. But I’m here to help. To make your work easier, I recommend my 9 best paddle boards for women. 

I include something for everyone–whether you like SUP fishing, yoga, general paddling, or you want a budget option. I even have a buying guide section so you’ll know how to choose the right paddle board for your needs. 

The Atoll Aquamarine, in my opinion, is the best overall paddle board for women. Read on to see why I love the Atoll Aquamarine, and to know more about the other close contenders for the best women’s paddle board on my list.

Best Paddle Boards for Women Compared

Women’s Boards
My rating
1. Atoll Aquamarine 11′
1. Atoll Aquamarine 11'
11′ x 32″ x 6″
21 lbs
700 lbs
2. Blackfin Model X
2. Blackfin Model X
10’6 x 35″ x 6″
27 lbs
450 lbs
3. iRocker All Around
3. iRocker All Around
10′ x 32″ 6″
24 lbs
370 lbs
4. Gili Komodo
4. Gili Komodo
10’6 x 33″ x 6″
21 lbs
340 lbs
5. Nixy Venice
5. Nixy Venice
10’6 x 34″ x 6″
23 lbs
350 lbs
6. Nixy Newport
6. Nixy Newport
10’6 x 33″ x 6″
21 lbs
300 lbs
7. Bluefin Cruise Carbon
7. Bluefin Cruise Carbon
10’8 x 32″ x 6″
18 lbs
275 lbs
8. Thurso Waterwalker 10′
8. Thurso Waterwalker 10'
10’6 x 31″ x 6″
26 lbs
300 lbs

The 9 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Women 

1. Atoll Aquamarine – Best Overall Paddle Board for Women

atoll aquamarine sup

Why is the Atoll Aquamarine my top women’s stand up paddle board this year? 

First, it is made using machine-laminated dual-layer PVC and Korean drop stitch technology. You don’t have to worry about dents and dings when you drop it or hit obstacles while paddling rivers. The board will even survive being run over by a car!

With a weight limit of 400 pounds, you can bring all the gear you want and even a passenger. The board has been water-tested at over 700 pounds. I have ridden it with a child on board and it holds up well.  

Most heavy-duty boards can be heavy and a pain to carry, but not the Aquamarine. Most women, regardless of size should be able to easily carry it— it only weighs 21 pounds

The Atoll is 11 feet long and 32 inches wide. It is more of an all-around/touring hybrid and it balances speed and stability perfectly. 

Beginners will have an easy time learning how to attain and maintain balance, while intermediate paddlers will enjoy a smooth glide and decently fast tracking. It is a stand up paddleboard for all skill levels and will perform well in most conditions. 

It also has a three-fin system that helps with stability and performance; the center fin is removable while the side fins are fixed. 

The Atoll inflatable SUP package includes a carbon fiberglass paddle, 10-foot leash, dual-action high-pressure pump, and a heavy-duty travel bag. 

The Atoll Aquamarine would be great for the woman who is looking for quality, stability, and great performance in a lightweight SUP. 

  • Remarkable build quality: The Aquamarine is one of the toughest inflatables around, thanks to the strong dual-layer PVC and drop stitching used to make it. You can go paddling anywhere without having to worry about damaging the SUP.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 21 pounds, the Atoll is much lighter than most paddle boards its size. It’s easy to carry over long distances, even for smaller women.
  • Beautiful paddle board: The Aquamarine has a nice muted color that is not too bright but it definitely catches your attention. This, plus its sleek design, makes the SUP a compliment magnet.
  • Great performance: The Atoll is a good all-around board that performs well in different water conditions. I love that it’s stable enough for newbies but also fast enough to offer a thrilling ride for advanced paddlers.
  • No gear mounts: The Aquamarine doesn’t come with a single action mount for accessories. It would have been nice to have even one at the nose for an action camera or SUP speaker.
  • Side fins are not removable: A SUP folds a little better without them but this is not a big deal for most paddlers.

Read my full review of the Atoll inflatable paddle board

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2. iRocker Cruiser – Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Beginners


The iRocker Cruiser is a popular and well-loved inflatable stand up paddle board. 

This paddleboard is 10’6 long and 33 inches wide. It is one of the most stable single-rider inflatable boards. It is not tippy and offers a great platform for you to get started with stand up paddle boarding. 

The SUP has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and is suitable for women of all sizes. 

Another thing that makes the iRocker Cruiser one of the best paddle boards for newbies is its all-inclusive package. You will get a wheeled backpack, carbon matte paddle, premium ankle leash, triple-action hand pump, and a repair kit; everything you need to stand paddling right away!

The iRocker Cruiser is built using triple-layer military-grade PVC and a dropstitch core meaning that it is tough and handles impact well. It doesn’t flex when you’re riding, regardless of your size, weighs just 25 pounds, and is built to last. I also love that the Cruiser offers seven beautiful color options.

In addition to being a good beginner board, the Cruiser is incredibly versatile. It comes with 20 D-rings, eight action mounts, bungee storage, a large deck pad, and safety handles.  

You can try fishing, yoga, SUP camping, and paddling with your kids or dog. 

The Cruiser performs decently in almost all conditions. It glides well and you’ll find it maneuverable regardless of your size or skill level. It has three removable fins, allowing you to change the setup depending on where you will be paddling. 

You should consider the iRocker Cruiser if you are a beginner. You can still use the board even after you graduate to the intermediate level. 

  • Amazing stability: The iRocker Cruiser is wide and stable so it’s perfect for the beginner paddler and also those who want to try other activities like yoga.
  • Gorgeous color options: This inflatable paddle board is available in seven beautiful colors, some bright and some more chilled–there’s something for everyone. The accessories are color matched so you’ll be getting lots of admiring glances from other paddlers.
  • Quality construction: The Cruiser ti a tough board tha’s not easily punctured. It is built using triple-layer military-grade PVC with a drop stitch core, making it a high-quality board that you can rely on, regardless of where you’ll be paddling. .
  • Action mounts and D-rings: With a total of 20 D-rings, four action mounts, and bungee cords for storage, you can attach all kinds of gear and accessories including a SUP speaker, action camera, cup holder, kayak seat, fishing rod holder, and more.
  • High-weight limit: I love the fact that anyone can use the iRocker Cruiser, including those on the heavier side. It can support up to 400 pounds, so you can even bring your kids or pets.
  • Not particularly fast: While the Cruiser glides smoothly and with decent speed, there are faster all-around paddle boards.

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3. Blackfin Model X – Best Women’s SUP for Fishing

blackfin x sup

The best thing about paddle board fishing is that you can get to spots that are inaccessible by boat. It’s  also lots of fun, especially if you have a good SUP board like the Model X.

The Blackfin X is 10’6 long and 35 inches wide. It is one of the most stable inflatable boards you can get. Fishing involves moving around on your SUP. With the Blackfin’s stability, you can do that freely without worrying about falling in. It is not too wobbly. 

This paddleboard features 20 D-rings, two bungee storage areas, and eight action mounts, so you can bring all the gear you need for your fishing expedition. There are also four safety handles for a kid to hold on to. 

The Blackfin Model X is made using triple-layer composite PVC construction and has carbon rails. It is durable and extremely rigid once fully inflated, with a weight capacity of 450 pounds

This inflatable board makes a fantastic family and yoga SUP board too. 

All the fins on the Model X are removable so you can always change the configuration and the board comes in six colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style. 

This would be a good option for you if you want a board that is designed for fishing and other interesting SUP activities.

  • Lots of attachment points: The Blackfin X has eight action mounts, two bungee storage areas, and a total of 20 D-rings. You can bring all your fishing accessories, including a tackle rack, sand spear, SUP coolers, etc.
  • Unrivaled stability: This paddle board gives you an amazing platform for fishing. It doesn’t feel tippy, even when you’re casting so it’s great for beginner anglers too.
  • Fantastic accessory package: The Blackfin X comes with some of the best SUP accessories you can find. You get a carbon shaft paddle, which is lightweight and fun to use. The bag looks great and is tough so you’ll get a lot of use out of it
  • Nice color options: You’re not limited to one boring color with the Blackfin, you have six stunning options to choose from.
  • Premium price: The Blackfin X is a top-of-the-line inflatable SUP and it comes with high-quality accessories. As a result, it costs more than most iSUPs.
  • A little slow: This women’s paddle board is quite wide and while that helps with stability, it increases resistance making it slower.

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4. iRocker All Around 10′ – Best Paddle Board for Smaller Women

irocker all around 10

The iRocker All Around 10 is smaller than most of the other women’s paddle boards here. 

It is 10 feet long and 32 inches wide. Stand up paddle boards that are too long and too wide can be hard to handle for smaller women. You will find it hard to make quick turns and paddle correctly. 

The iRocker All Around is great if you are on the smaller side. It is easy to handle

The inflatable paddleboard is made using triple-layer military-grade PVC and a dropstitch core. It is rugged and stiff, with a weight limit of 370 pounds. You won’t have a problem carrying it around as it weighs 24 lbs. 

One thing I love about iRocker boards is that they come with ample attachment points for all your needs. The All Around 10 may be on the smaller side, but you can still bring a lot of gear. It has 20 D-rings, four action mounts, and bungee storage. 

This inflatable stand up paddle board comes with three removable fins, and  you can customize the setup.

The iSUP package includes a carbon matte adjustable paddle, roller backpack, triple-action hand pump, ankle leash, and a repair kit. 

The iRocker All Around 10 is an amazing women’s paddle board for those on the smaller side. 

  • Agile and maneuverable: The All Around 10 is super maneuverable and easy to control. It would be great for smaller women and teens. It’s also suitable for river paddling and catching small waves.
  • Well-made and durable: You never have to worry about dents and dings, as with hard paddle boards. The All Around 10 is tough and even comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Premium accessory package: One thing I love about iRocker boards is the quality of their accessory packages–and the All Around is no different. You get a carbon paddle that is lighter and more efficient than fiberglass and aluminum paddles.
  • Lovely color and design: Although you don’t get many color options, the available ones are stunning and eye-catching.
  • May not be great for bigger women: The All Around 10 is somewhat small and may not perform optimally if you’re on the heavier side. But if you like it, there’s a bigger version–the All Around 11.
  • Only three color options: You get more options with the other iRocker paddle boards.

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5. Gili Komodo – Best Budget Paddle Board for Women

gili komodo board

Don’t spend a lot of money trying to get a SUP board designed for women if you’re on a tight budget.

The Gili Komodo is a fantastic board for women paddlers and it doesn’t cost much.

It is built using triple-layer fusion technology. It may be affordable but it is not just another cheaply-made SUP. 

The Komodo has a weight capacity of 340 pounds (advanced riders may exceed the limit). It also comes with a 2-year warranty

This inflatable paddle board is 10’6 long and 33 inches wide and is incredibly stable – so you’ll love it if  you’re a beginner or a yoga enthusiast. It would also be suitable for women who like to take their little ones paddling with them. 

One of the best features of the Komodo is its full-length deck pad. It is comfortable, prevents you from slipping, and can also act as a yoga mat.

The paddle board has an action mount, bungee storage, and extra D-rings. It has a paddle holder too so you can relax hands-free whenever you want. 

The Komodo inflatable SUP package includes a SUP storage bag, dual-stage hand pump, ankle leash, and a fiberglass adjustable paddle. 

You should consider the Gili Komodo if you want a high-quality but affordable paddle board that’s big enough to take little ones or four-legged friends on board too.  

  • Budget option: The Gili Komodo is a well-made and durable inflatable board from a reputable company but it’s more affordable and perfect if your budget is tight.
  • Full-length deck pad: The traction pad covers the entire deck, from nose to tail. It is super comfortable too and pet-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend behind. The deck pad also doubles as a yoga mat and you can try out a few SUP fitness routines.
  • Gili makes a charitable donation with everypurchase: I love the fact that, when you buy a Gili board, the company donates a portion of that to different ocean and marinelife charities around the world.
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy to carry: If you expect to travel a lot, or you just don’t want to struggle with a heavy board, the Komodo is a fantastic option. It only weighs 21 pounds and is easy to transport.
  • In-built paddle holder: This is a small but useful feature. You can securely store your paddle and free your hands for yoga or, to just relax and float around.
  • The paddle is made of fiberglass: Carbon paddles are the best because they’re lighter and easier to use, so it would have been nice to see one included here. However, theKomodo only includes a budget, fiberglass option.

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6. Nixy Venice – Best for Yoga and Fitness

nixy venice

Stand up paddle board yoga is a wonderful exercise, and a good yoga board makes it even better. 

The Nixy Venice is 10’6 long and 34 inches wide. It is super stable—just what you need for SUP fitness. It is great for yoga beginners as well as experienced yogis who are looking to try advanced poses. 

The non-slip traction pad is large and comfortable and doubles as your yoga mat. 

The Venice is built using dual-layer PVC construction and carbon fiber rails. It is solid, durable, and comes with a two-year warranty. It can hold up to 350 pounds and only weighs 23 pounds. 

While this is a SUP fitness board, it does more than that. The Venice comes with five action amounts, 16 D-rings, and bungee storage. You can use it for fishing, cruising leisurely on flat water, or even bring your kids for a fun day in the water. 

The Nixy Venice package includes a carbon fiber adjustable paddle, leash, high-pressure hand pump, and wheeled backpack. 

This inflatable board has a tri-fin system, all removable. It features a US fin box that is compatible with many aftermarket fins so if you like to experiment with different fin setups you will love it.

The Nixy Venice is a remarkable paddle board for women who are into SUP yoga and fitness. 

  • Large traction pad: The Nixy Venice non-slip pad covers most of the deck and you’ll have a big. soft surface for all your poses. It’s also grippy and you won’t have to worry about slipping, especially when transitioning between poses.
  • Wide and stable: This yoga paddle board is quite wide at 34 inches. It’s super stable and perfect for experienced SUP yogis who want to try more advanced poses. It’s also ideal for beginners who are just getting started with SUP yoga.
  • High-quality SUP package: The Nixy Venice package includes an adjustable carbon paddle, which is a great addition. There’s also a wheeled board bag that makes transport easy, a dual-chamber paddle that doesn’t require too much effort, and a comfortable leash.
  • Premium price: The Venice isn’t exactly cheap but I’d say it’s worth it.

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7. Nixy Newport  

nixy newport

The Nixy Newport is an outstanding all-around paddle board for women.

The SUP is 10’6 long and 33 inches wide. I was impressed by its stability—it does not feel tippy at all. The stable platform would be perfect for newbies and paddlers who love to paddle with their children or dogs. 

The Newport stand up paddleboard is made using dual-layer military-grade PVC and has reinforced carbon rails. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, but advanced riders may exceed the limit. The board is tough and can take a serious beating. It comes with a two-year warranty.

One thing I love about Nixy boards is that they are not heavy; the  Newport only weighs 21 pounds. It’s the kind of paddle board you want if you plan on traveling with your SUP a lot. 

With five action mounts and 16 D-rings, you can bring enough gear for a fishing trip or a short touring trip.

The paddle board features a tri-fin system; one center fin and two side fins. All of them are removable, giving you much more control over your configuration. 

The Newport iSUP package includes a carbon fiber paddle, dual-chamber hand pump, leash, and a three-wheel backpack. 

You should consider the Nixy Newport if you’re looking for a board that you can use for different SUP activities.  

  • Design and color options: The Newport is available in different colors–some of them plain and some with fun patterns. The floral patterns are quite unique and gorgeous.
  • Reliable paddle board construction: This board is built using dual-layer laminated woven drop stitch and has carbon fiber reinforced rails. If you’re adventurous and want a paddle board that you use anywhere without it getting damaged, the Newport is great.
  • Lightweight: The Nixy Newport is such a rugged and rigid paddle board when inflated, but it only weighs 21 pounds. You’ll have no trouble carrying it around.
  • Action mounts and D-rings: I love that the Newport comes with five action mounts and extra D-rings. It’s perfect for women who want to try different kinds of SUP activities, including fishing, camping, yoga, and a little bit of touring.
  • Not fast: The Newport is stable and easy to control but it’s not the fastest all-around board. This is to be expected because of its length and width.

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8. Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8 – Best for Entry-Level Touring

bluefin carbon cruise

Next on the list of the best paddle boards for women is the Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8. There is so much to love about this inflatable board – it’s packed with design features that make it a great entry-level touring board. 

The Cruise Carbon 10’8 is made using 1000D exo-surface laminate PVC and pro-weave dropstitch. It has a carbon fiber rail layer for added rigidity and can hold up to 330 pounds. 

Its most impressive feature is the air duo inflation technology. The board has two inflation chambers. If the main chamber is badly punctured, the central loop chamber will still float. This is an excellent safety feature and it makes the SUP stiff too. 

The Cruise Carbon inflatable paddleboard is 10’8 long and 32 inches wide with a pointed nose and a kick pad feature that helps with maneuvering. It glides well, with minimum resistance and decent speed. The inflatable board has a large soft deck pad that ensures your comfort throughout the entire trip. It also comes with two bungee storage areas and additional D-rings for your gear. 

I love the Cruise Carbon iSUP package. It includes a carbon fiber paddle, backpack, triple-action pump, coiled ankle leash, and a waterproof phone case. On top of that, you also get a kayak conversion kit – so you aren;t just limited to stand up paddle boarding! 

Sometimes you may get tired of standing when on a long SUP touring trip. You can convert your paddle board into a SUP kayak in minutes with the conversion kit. 

Check out the Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8 if you are interested in touring. 

  • All-inclusive package and kayak conversion kit: The Cruise Carbon comes with everything you need for SUP–an adjustable carbon fiber paddle, backpack, leash, and a pump. The package also includes a kayak conversion kit so you can switch from SUP to kayaking whenever you want.
  • Air Duo technology: The Cruise Carbon has two inflation chambers, a feature that makes it extremely rigid, durable, and also safer to use. The SUP board can float even when the main chamber is punctured.
  • Fast and maneuverable: I love how well this Bluefin board cuts through the water and it would be great for women who’re looking for a high-performance all-around board. It also has a kick pad at the tail that improves maneuverability so you can easily make quick sharp turns when you need to.
  • Nine handles: With four safety handles and five grab handles, you won’t have any trouble handling this SUP, especially when getting it in and out of the water.
  • Side fins are not removable: You can’t remove them to experiment with different fin configurations.

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9. Thurso Waterwalker  

thurso surf 10

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker has a gorgeous design. The wood graphic is scanned from real wood to give it an appealing and authentic appearance. 

The Waterwalker inflatable paddleboard is 10 feet long and 30 inches wide. It performs well and is easy to handle when maneuvering obstacles or trying different SUP tricks. Because of its size, it is ideal for paddlers of all sizes, including teens. 

It’s also available in 10’6 and 11’, for those who want longer models. 

The Thurso Waterwalker features double-layer construction, reinforced seams, and carbon rails making it stable, rigid, and agile. The inflatable paddle board can hold up to 260 pounds, and weighs  22.5 pounds. 

The 10’6 and 11’ models have a weight capacity of 300 lbs and 330 lbs respectively. 

The Waterwalker has two bungee storage areas, extra D-rings for a kayak seat, and a GoPro adapter. I also love that it comes with a paddle holder for when you want to free your hands. 

Its inflatable SUP package includes a carbon hybrid paddle, dual-chamber pump, coiled ankle leash, and a roller backpack. You can get the SUP in three colors: crimson, tangerine, and turquoise. 

You should check out the Waterwalker if you want a gorgeous paddle board that’s aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and practical

  • Unique and gorgeous design: The wood graphic is scanned from real wood and the paddle board looks stunning. I love the fact that you also get color options and they go so well with the wood aesthetic. The Waterwalker is such a compliment magnet.
  • Small and maneuverable: The Waterwalker is only 10’6 long and 31 inches wide. It’s extremely maneuverable and so fun to paddle especially when catching small waves and paddling rivers. It would be great for smaller women or those who want a SUP they can share with their older kids. The board is also available in two more sizes so you can choose the one that best suits you.
  • In-built paddle holder: Having a paddle holder means that you don’t have to stress about where to keep your paddle when you want to free your hands.
  • Not ideal for those on the bigger side: If you’re a little bigger, the 31-inch wide Waterwalker may be too small for you. But there’s a bigger version that you can choose.

Check Price of the Thurso Waterwalker

How to Choose a Paddle Board If You Are a Woman

Stand up paddle boards are not cheap, so it’s important to do your research and to make an informed decision when buying one. Plus, getting that perfect SUP means you will have more fun. 

So, here’s everything you need to know when buying a women’s paddle board.  

1. What to Consider When Choosing the Best Women’s Paddle Board

When looking for a paddle board for women, it’s important to consider the different activities you will be using it for. Having a board that is specifically designed for women dows not mean that the board will automatically be suited to every activity you wish to use ot for.

You might want to consider touring and racing, or you may wish to use your paddle board for SUP yoga. Both activities will require a different shape of board entirely, so it’s important to consider what you wish to get out of your paddling experience.

2. Solid Vs Inflatable Paddle Board

When shopping for a women’s paddle board – you’ll come across both inflatable and solid varieties. But which should you get?

Each one of these types has its pros and cons.

Solid paddle boards perform exceptionally and are  best for SUP racing and surfing.

Another benefit is that traditional boards don’t require inflation or deflation. They are suitable for busy moms who don’t have time (and energy) to waste inflating and deflating a SUP. Just grab it and hit the water. Once you’re done, load it onto the vehicle and be on your way. 

Inflatable SUP boards are ideal for women who have limited storage space as a  deflated blow-up board can fit in the closet or under the bed. Inflatables are also lighter and easy to transport.

iSUPs have a softer surface that won’t hurt a lot if you fall and hit the board. The surface is also pet- and child-friendly. 

3. Paddle Board Size

You have to consider the length, width, and thickness when buying a paddle board as a woman.

Wide paddle boards are stable but they can be a little slow. Narrower SUPs, on the other hand, glide with minimum resistance but are less stable. 

It all comes down to how you want to use the SUP board. For all-around paddleboarding, a width of 30 to 33 inches will do.

Longer boards are fast and track well, especially if they are  also narrow.  However, they can be hard to maneuver, more so for smaller paddlers. Anything from 10’ to 11’ would be okay for all-around SUPing.

Thicker inflatable paddle boards tend to be more rigid and have a higher weight capacity.

Speaking of which…

4. Weight Capacity

You need a paddle board that can hold you plus all your gear and any passengers. 

Every SUP board has a weight limit, so be sure to check this before you make a purchase (you want something that can definitely accommodate your weight, but you don’t need to overshoot for a large weight capacity either, unless you plan on bringing kids on board with you)

5. SUP Features

Some paddle board features may seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference. 

For instance, are the fins removable or fixed? Having removable fins allows you to customize the setup. 

Another feature to consider is the deck pad. Don’t forget the size of the deck pad, especially if you plan on doing yoga, as that  will be your yoga mat.  

If you are an angler you will want a SUP that has attachment options for your gear. Look for gear mounts, bungee storage, and extra D-rings.  

6. Design

Some women love muted colors, others love bold colors, and there are those who like interesting designs on SUPs. 

The good thing is that there is something for everybody. Just look for what makes your heart happy. 

7. Paddle Board Performance

Lastly, paddle boards designed in a way that makes them best suited for women are not all the same when it comes to performance. 

If you want a fast SUP board, go for the longer and narrower models. If stability is more important, you are better off with a wide board. 

Best Women’s Paddle Boards FAQs

Q: What’s the Best Way to Get on a Paddle Board?

A: Place your paddle in front of the center carry handle, across the SUP. Place your hands on the board, over the shaft. Bring one knee onto the paddle board first, and then the other knee. 

The center carry handle should be between your knees. You can stand once you’re comfortable. 

Here is a video to help you understand. 

Can More Than One Person Ride on My Paddle Board?

Yes, you can ride with more than one person on your paddle board if there’s enough space for another person and the weight capacity allows it.

What Is the Best Paddle Board for Beginners?

The best beginner SUP should be wide, at least 32 inches. All the paddle boards on our list make good beginner boards.

What Is the Best All-Around Stand Up Paddle Board?

The Atoll 11’ is the best all-around SUP board. It is stable, performs well in different conditions, and comes with everything you need in the package.

How Do I Maintain My SUP?

You maintain your SUP by rinsing it with fresh water after every use. Let it dry completely before you store it.

If you are storing your iSUP inflated, release a little pressure so the seams can relax.

Don’t store your paddle board in the sun.

Can You Lose Weight Paddleboarding?

Yes, you can lose weight paddle boarding. You lose weight by creating a calorie deficit. Paddle boarding can help you do that because paddle boarding burns a lot of calories.


We’ve put together a list of the nine best women’s paddle boards for you, but now it’s your turn to make a choice. 

The Atoll Aquamarine is my #1 this year because of its many amazing features. It is well-made and can hold a lot of weight. I also love that it is super stable and performs well. 

The Gili Komodo is my top budget option for women who want a good deal. It’s a high-quality paddle board and even comes with a two-year warranty. 

For the yogis out there – the  Nixy Venice is definitely worth checking out. It is stable and has a large soft deck pad that doubles as a yoga mat. 

It’s now up to you to pick your favorite – and go get paddling!