Bluefin Aura Fit Review (2024)

This is a review of the Bluefin 10′8″ Aura Fit stand up paddle board.

bluefin aura fit

Whoever first had the idea to combine stand up paddle boarding and yoga has a lot to be thanked for. Doing your workout on the water is fun and relaxing. However, I know from my experience that to get the most out of this aqua based fitness activity, not any old multi-purpose SUP will do. 

I found this Bluefin SUP to be a fantastic yoga choice.  It’s clear that Bluefin produced a design specifically for practicing yoga, and there are several standout features. For example, the Aura Fit is 36” wide, which, together with the large, rounded footprint, means that it is very stable. You also have plenty of room on the deck pad for your exercises. 

Bluefin has intelligently placed two carrying handles at the sides instead of using the usual center position. This means that the full-length workout pad is free from anything you might catch your foot on.

I also found that the high-pressure design of this SUP makes it exceptionally rigid. This gives the perfect platform for more challenging exercises where balance is already hard to come by.

The Bluefin SUP comes in an attractive yoga-inspired design. There’s also a complete equipment package included, so you have everything you need to get going.

This review will go into full details of what this inflatable yoga SUP is all about.

I think that the Aura Fit is one of the very best yoga SUP boards available, but is it the right one for all aspiring yogis?

Read on to find out.

Bluefin Aura Fit Pros and Cons

  • Extra-wide rounded shape gives you lots of room for exercises
  • Carrying handles at the sides leave the center of the deck pad clear
  • Very rigid and extra stability thanks to the high-pressure capacity
  • Full-length, padded deck finish, so it’s comfortable wherever you’re working out
  • Attractive zen-yoga influenced graphic design
  • Complete package included, so you have everything you need to start
  • Also, an excellent general use SUP that’s built to last
  • Perhaps it isn’t the best to cover really long touring distances. However, you’re not likely to want to do that on a yoga orientated SUP
  • Included double action pump is a single chamber design, so it can take a reasonable time to inflate entirely. It does function properly, but you can get an electric pump to make it easy

Bluefin Aura Fit Yoga Board Specs

Length: 10’ 8”
Width: 36”
Thickness: 6”
Weight: 23 lbs
Maximum User Weight: 265 lbs

Who Should Buy the BlueFin Aura Fit Paddle Board?

bluefin aura fit sup board

The BlueFin Aura Fit is an excellent choice for anyone interested in aqua based fitness, yoga, or pilates. It is also an excellent all-around performer, and the stable platform is perfect for anyone new to the sport. 

The extra-large deck pad has a massive amount of usable space, which is ideal for your workout. You could also use it to carry luggage or another passenger or your dog along on a journey.

If you’re looking for a high-quality SUP that will last a long time, then you can be confident that the Aura Fit will fit the bill. The Bluefin SUP uses 1000 denier exo surface laminate PVC, and pro weave drop stitch to produce an extremely durable SUP.

If you are starting, everything you need comes with the paddle board. Among the accessories are a backpack, pump, and paddle, so you don’t need to worry about buying anything else.

The Bluefin Aura Fit is a brilliant fitness platform that also makes a great all-around SUP board that copes well in most water conditions. Don’t think that it’s for yoga only. You could also use this SUP for fishing, general boarding, and family fun. 

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Features of the Bluefin Aura Stand Up Paddle Board

So let’s take at some of the board features that make the Bluefin SUP such an excellent choice for yoga.

Wide Platform That’s Perfect for Yoga Moves

When I’m looking at a SUP for yoga, the first thing I consider is the footprint. Standard boards are often relatively narrow. For yoga exercises, you need something a bit wider so you have sufficient space to stretch out.

Additionally, the wider the SUP is, the more stable it will be, which is essential for trying out complicated yoga positions.

This Bluefin SUP is 36” wide, which is a perfect size for yoga without making the board too tricky for a single person to paddle. The board’s footprint has a rounded shape. This means that it retains its width for most of its length so a large usable overall surface as you move.

Super-Rigid Board Design

bluefin aura fit design

Bluefin manufactures its boards using 1000 denier exo surface laminate technology PVC and pro weave drop stitch. Why does this matter to SUP Yogis, I hear you ask?

This robust construction method means that the Aura can be inflated to a maximum of a whopping 28 PSI. This results in a board that’s incredibly rigid in the water.

Honestly, this inflatable SUP has the same solid feel under your feet as a hard board when performing SUP yoga. The last thing you need is a board that bends underneath your feet as you’re making your sun salutations. The ability to inflate the Bluefin SUP to high pressures is really beneficial.

Full-Length Traction Pad

So we know that the Aura has a large footprint, but without it having a suitable surface, what use is that?

Thankfully, the Bluefin SUP has an extra-large non-slip “croco-diamond” padded deck traction pad that runs from the nose to the kick pad. This extra padding is comfortable to stand, kneel and lie on and is super grippy even when wet.

Clear Deck Space With Intelligently Located Carrying Handles

I find it annoying when manufacturers advertise their boards as designed for yoga but cover the platform in d-rings, accessory points, and fixings. You don’t have anything sticking up on your yoga mat, so why would you want all that getting in the way on your SUP?

Bluefin has carefully located their fixing d-rings and other points so that the vast majority of the deck is completely flat.

They’ve also ignored the standard center location for the carrying handle and have placed one on either side of the board. I’ve never come across this before, and all other supposed yoga sups have the handle in the middle where it can get in the way.

This is an excellent example of how well Bluefin has thought through the design for yoga specifically.

Attractive Zen Yoga Finish

Often SUPs come in typical dull designs. For the Aura Fit, Bluefin has finished the paddle board with an attractive pastel-colored zen SUP yoga graphic. I think the design clarifies what this Bluefin SUP is a master at, and it’s great to see a manufacturer that’s placed such attention to detail.

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Complete Package Included

bluefin aura fit package

If you’re a beginner at the SUP game, then it’s great to know that the Aura Fit comes with the absolutely essential accessories.

a. Backpack SUP Bag

There’s an excellent backpack-style SUP bag that makes traveling with your board and all the associated equipment nice and easy. It has extra-wide back and straps padding, so it’s comfortable to carry, and the zippers are reinforced for extra strength.

b. Double Action Pump

The included double action pump inflates on both the up and downstroke to blow your board up. There’s a high-pressure PSI gauge so that you know when you’ve reached the proper pressure.

This dual action pump style makes it faster to inflate the SUP than a basic single-action design found on cheap boards. However, I’d have liked to have seen a dual-chamber pump included for such a relatively large board.

In honesty, I always recommend that people who want to do aqua based fitness invest in one of the excellent electric sup pumps. This will do the hard work while you save your energy for on the water.

c. Fins

bluefin aura fit fin

There is a good quality set of three smart lock fins to fit underneath the yoga board. These are easy to fit and remove. They just click into place without needing any tools or having small clips to lose, which can be a common problem on other boards.

The included 8” center fin combined with the two smaller outer fins help the board glide beautifully.

d. Paddle

The Aura Fit comes with a three-piece paddle that is adjustable so you can set it up to match anyone’s height.

The paddle has a fiberglass shaft and a polyurethane blade which is about 45% lighter than the aluminum paddles found on cheaper boards. 

The blade is robust, and I’ve found it impossible to chip. Bluefin says that it is a non-flutter design, and in use, it feels as if your effort is reduced with each stroke compared to more basic designs. It’s also helpful to know that the paddle will float if you happen to drop it by accident.

e. Ankle Leash

The included safety ankle leash means that you don’t have to worry about losing your board if you fall off while paddling or exercising.

A good leash is essential and probably the most important of security features yet can easily be undervalued. Even this has been well thought out by Bluefin. There’s a neoprene band that wraps around your ankle that I found to be comfortable as well as secure.

The leach is coiled so it doesn’t end up dragging behind you, but it’s springy enough that it won’t restrict your movement.

There’s even a soft section at the end that connects to the board, so it doesn’t end up leaving marks or scuffing the surface as you move.

f. What Else?

Finally, Bluefin has included a repair kit just in case you should ever experience any damage. There’s even a waterproof smartphone case, so you carry your phone with you securely and safely.

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It Also Makes a Great All-Round SUP

As well as being an excellent yoga SUP, I also enjoyed using the Aura Fit as a general all-around board for a fun paddle around.

OK, this isn’t a tourer design for going over long distances or races, but it’s more than capable as a general all-rounder.

As I’ve already mentioned, the board’s wide shape combined with the rounded nose and tail makes it an excellent choice for beginners.

The smart lock fins mean that the board tracks and glides very well. The tri fin setup will keep you in a straight line and let you reach your yoga destination easily. 

If you’re amongst the more advanced paddlers, you’re not forgotten. You can use just the center fin if you want to reduce drag. The Aura Fit even has a rear kick pad with extra padding for making some fast turns.

Space for Cargo and Accessories

I love that the focus on this board is for making the most space possible available for aqua based yoga fitness. However, Bluefin hasn’t forgotten about making the yoga board practical and fun too.

There are four d-rings fitted with a bungee cord at the nose that you can use for securely stowing cargo. I’ve found this perfect for holding onto my flip-flops, water bottle, drybag, and lunch while I’m working out.

One of the best yoga tips I was ever given was to record yourself to review your form later and see what you need to work on. The Aura Fit makes this easy as there’s an action camera mount on the nose that you can securely fit your camera to. You can also use the mount for various SUP accessories such as Bluetooth speakers or even cup holders.

Finally, there are handles at the rounded nose and tail to make maneuvering the board easy, and these are covered in neoprene for comfort.

High-Quality Construction

All of these features I’ve told you about wouldn’t be any good if the build quality weren’t up to scratch. I’m really impressed with the construction of this yoga board. I believe you can be confident that it’s going to last you for many years. You’ll probably never need the repair kit that Bluefin has given you.

I’ve mentioned how the drop stitch inside the board allows it to be inflated to such an impressive pressure. Bluefin uses the densest pattern possible with an incredible 11,200 stitches of 500 denier yarn per square meter, so this board is very strong.

1,000 denier exo surface laminate technology military-grade PVC is used to coat the board. Bluefin says they are the only manufacturer using an ultra-tough UV-proof finish. This means that your board will keep looking good and retain its strength even if you’re using it in the bright sun a lot. 

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Bluefin Aura Fit Alternatives

There are many other inflatable stand up paddle boards that are also suggested for aqua based fitness. Let’s take a look at two of the most popular.

1. Bluefin Aura Fit vs Blackfin Model X Stand Up Paddle Board

blackfin model x

The Blackfin Model X is often touted as being a SUP for yoga in addition to excelling at many other activities.

There are some key differences between these boards, in addition to the basic functionalities, that will determine which is best for you.

The Model X is 10’6” long, so a little shorter than the 10’8” Aura. It’s 35” wide compared to the Bluefin boards 36”. While that isn’t a big difference, the rounder shape of the Aura means that there is quite a bit more surface area available to use for yoga.

The Model X might have less available workout area, but it makes up for it with a huge array of extra features. The Aura has the typical basic functionalities of most SUPs. But the Blackfin comes with both front and rear bungee storage areas, a total of 20 D-rings, eight multi-use action mounts for accessories, and fishing rack mounts. 

If you’re looking for a SUP purely for yoga, then all the accessories and the center-mounted carry handle on the Model X might be overkill or get in the way. The larger, clear deck pad on the Aura is excellent for yoga, but overall the SUP is less versatile.

Unlike the Aura, the Blackfin includes a carbon-fiber shafted paddle with a nylon blade. This is lighter than the fiberglass shaft and a polyurethane blade from Blufin, which makes it great for going long distances.

The board also has carbon rail reinforcement which does enhance its rigidity over a regular board. 

There are four different colors of Model X to choose from, unlike just one for the Aura. These are mostly action or adventure orientated compared to Bluefin’s yoga design. Which you prefer will come down to personal taste.

In terms of included accessories, the Blackfin Model X highlights include a wheeled backpack which the Aura doesn’t have. This is a feature that I love as it makes traveling with your SUP so much easier.

The Blackfin also comes with a double chamber pump so that you can inflate the SUP with less effort and in less time.

Interestingly, for a performance-orientated all-around SUP, unlike the Aura, the Model X doesn’t have a kick pad, so your quick turns won’t be as easy. 

I think that the Blackfin is an incredible all-rounder. If you are looking for one of the most capable SUPs on the market that is incredibly well kitted out for fittings for accessories, this could be what you are looking for.

However, the Model X comes in at around twice the Aura price. You’ll need to decide if you need all the extra features or prefer something more basic and yoga-centered.

Also read our review of the Blackfin Model X

2. Bluefin Aura Fit vs GILI Meno Stand Up Paddle Board

Gili meno board

The Meno from GILI Sports is available in a choice of 10’6” and 11’6” lengths. 

The Meno is similar in many ways to the Model X, and I’d also rate it as an incredibly capable all-around SUP. Both boards share a similar shape and are not as round as the Aura, which reduces the workout area.

Like the Blackfin, the Meno also comes with a carbon shafted paddle with a nylon blade and an excellent wheeled travel bag. The GILI similarly has carbon rails, so it benefits from extra stability and stiffness.

Unlike the Aura with an almost complete pad covering, the Meno deck pad stops short of the front cargo area, reducing the padded space. The Meno also has the carry handle in the middle of the deck, which can get in the way. However, the center-mounted handle is easier to use when carrying the SUP on your own.

One really nice feature of the Meno for yoga is the holder that secures your paddle at the side of the SUP while you’re working out. Due to the large number of d-rings, it’s possible to convert the Meno to a kayak paddle board with an available kit. You can travel seated if you’re after a change.

While the Gili Meno yoga paddle board is more expensive than the Aura, it is cheaper than the Blackfin. It might be a good option if you’re looking for a more versatile SUP for different uses without spending quite so much.


If you are looking for a SUP for yoga, then the Bluefin Aura Fit is one of the very best you can buy. 

The wide footprint gives you a large amount of clear space to stretch out on. The high-quality manufacturing techniques mean that you can inflate the SUP so it is incredibly rigid underfoot.

I think the graphic design is particularly appealing to a yoga fan. Importantly the sizeable padded platform is clear and incredibly comfortable and grippy.

Bluefin has included everything that you need in the package to get on the water right away. We found that the Aura Fit also makes a great all-around general sup in addition to being the yoga master.

I’m confident that you’ll be delighted if you choose the Bluefin Aura Fit as your SUP yoga platform. Make sure that you check it out before considering any other options.

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