Bluefin Sprint Carbon Review (2024)

This is a review of the Bluefin Sprint Carbon inflatable stand up paddle board.

bluefin carbon sprint

All-around paddle boards are fantastic and fun for general use. But if, like me, you’re interested in traveling reasonable distances in challenging waters, only a touring style SUP will do. 

I found the Bluefin SUP to be a perfect example of what an inflatable touring SUP can do. This board tracks brilliantly on the water, can reach great speed, and is unbelievably solid. 

The board features a construction that is of really high quality. You don’t have to move this touring paddle board around with kid gloves. The triple layer PVC and carbon fiber rails give confidence that this SUP will last you for many years. Bluefin even provides an industry-leading five-year warranty.

As you read this Bluefin Sprint Carbon review, you’re going to see that I believe this is one of the best inflatable touring SUPs available at any price. If you’re looking for a board that you can use for extended trips or even racing, could this be the one for you?

Keep reading to find out.

Bluefin Sprint Carbon Pros and Cons

  • Brilliant touring design with excellent speed, glide, and tracking
  • Seriously tough construction with triple-layer PVC and carbon fiber rails
  • Extremely solid and stable on the water
  • High-quality accessory package
  • Five-year warranty and 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • The SUP is heavy to carry (due to the highly durable construction and large size). However, the included bag is very durable, and it has wheels that make moving the packed SUP easier.

Bluefin Sprint Carbon Board Specs

  • Length: 14’
  • Width: 30”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 420 lbs

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Who Should Buy the Bluefin Sprint Carbon Paddle Board?

The Bluefin Sprint Carbon is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a premium board that they can use for camping trips, overnight expeditions, and longer trips out on the water. The high weight capacity means you can bring all the gear you could need! 

The Sprint carbon is also a great board for taller and heavier paddlers. The 420 lbs weight limit is one of the highest in the class; it can handle two adults who can even enjoy sitting down as the SUP can easily accommodate kayak seat accessories.

If you want to leave your friends in your wake, you’ll enjoy the speed of the Bluefin Sprint Carbon. The touring hull design allows advanced paddlers to put in less effort. 

The SUP tracks and glides beautifully on the water, and performs well in demanding conditions. If you want an inflatable paddle board that you can use in more challenging wind and water, this is an excellent choice.

Anyone who wants an inflatable SUP that feels as solid as a rigid board will love the Sprint Carbon. The dual-chamber Air Duo system makes this one of the most rigid inflatables that I’ve ever used.

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Features of the Bluefin Sprint Carbon Touring Board

I will continue reviewing the Bluefin Sprint Carbon SUP board with a comprehensive look at its features.

1. SUP Board Type

This is a touring board style SUP. Touring boards are longer and thinner. They differ from all-around styles like the excellent Bluefin Cruise Carbon which has a rounder shape. The Bluefin SUP Sprint Carbon is 14’ long with a maximum width of 30”. 

The touring board nose is sharp with a relatively flat rocker. Bluefin has designed the 14 Sprint Carbon with a streamlined displacement style to cut through the water. The nose of the SUP is square for improved efficiency.

Manufacturers design touring and racing boards for speed. However, as we will see, this board also manages to have excellent stability, tracking, and carrying capacity. The maneuverability is even reasonable for the type. 

This is a relatively unusual touring board combination, and is amongst the great reasons to choose this SUP. 

2. Inflatable Board Construction

Bluefin SUP has pulled out all the stops to make the 14 Sprint Carbon one of the best-built inflatable paddle boards that I’ve used in a long time. The shell of the SUP features three layers of military-grade PVC, which makes for exceptional durability.

The core contains the highest density of drop stitch available to maintain the inflated board’s shape. Bluefins pro weave drop stitch technicians have applied 11,200 stitches of 500 denier yarn per square meter of the board. These result in an inflatable of supreme rigidity.

Bluefin also uses exclusive technology to protect its boards from UV light damage. The exo surface laminate technology applies a protective layer to the board’s surface. This stops both physical and visual degradation.

3. Air Duo Dual Inflation Chambers

An important feature of this touring board is the Air Duo technology. Normal inflatable SUPs have just one single chamber for the whole board. Bluefin has designed two separate compartments inside the hull.

The main inflation chamber surrounds a large inner loop. You inflate both via their own valve. 

There are two advantages to this system. The separate chambers help create the incredible stiffness that makes the Bluefin SUP Sprint Carbon feel like a hard board. In addition, the board is safer.  The inner inflation loop has enough volume to keep the board afloat in the unlikely event of the outer chamber suffering damage.

4. Carbon Fiber Rails

Bluefin has further reduced board flex by adding carbon fiber reinforcement to the rails. 210gsm carbon textile is heat welded between the internal and external PVC rail. 

The carbon fiber adds to the impressive board rigidity and also provides extra protection in this vulnerable area.

5. Maximum Board Pressure

Bluefin has dramatically reduced the maximum pressure required for this inflatable paddle board. The dual-chamber system means that the Sprint Carbon only needs 12 PSI to achieve its optimal stiffness. The recommended pressure on the standard single-chamber Bluefin Sprint 14 is 15-18 PSI.

Even with the dual chambers, I found that I could inflate the 14 Sprint Carbon several minutes faster than the regular Bluefin Sprint 14. 

6. Weight Capacity

This Bluefin SUP comes with an astonishing 420 lbs maximum weight capacity. 

You can use this to carry all the camping gear you could ever need for a trip or even a second adult. Taller or heavier paddlers will feel confident knowing that the board can manage their weight with plenty to spare.

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7. Croco-Diamond Deck Pad

Bluefin paddle boards are known to have some of the best on the market, and the traction pad found on Sprint Carbon is no exception. The croco-diamond deck pad texture provides excellent traction even when it gets wet.

The thick EVA foam traction pad is comfortable to stand on and prevents foot fatigue well. Water that does get on the board drains quickly. While the board might not have as much space as the Bluefin Cruise Carbon, making a SUP yoga workout in comfort on the premium deck pad is still possible.

8. Kick Pad

At the rear of the deck pad, Bluefin has added a helpful kick pad. This thicker raised area allows you to make quick pivot turns by shifting your back foot weight onto the pad to lift the SUP nose as the tail drops.

This feature improves the maneuverability of the Bluefin SUP Sprint Carbon compared to other paddle boards.

9. Bungee Cargo Areas

At the nose of the paddle board, eight D-rings secure a large bungee cargo area. In addition, there is a smaller area at the tail that’s fixed with four rings. Both bungees are removable if you want to use the space for other items like a cooler.

These cargo areas are perfect for securely carrying everything you need for your journey. I’ll use the bungee cords for my beach shoes, drybag, and water bottle. When you stop, your paddle easily slides underneath the bungee cords to keep it safe.

10. D-Rings

There are a total of 19 D-rings on the Bluefin Sprint Carbon stand up paddle board board. You’ll find the 12 for the bungee cords, and there are three pairs of additional D-rings at the sides for board carry straps or up to two kayak seat kits.

There’s also a D-ring at the tail to fasten your SUP leash to. All the D-rings are large and fitted on flexible mounts, so they’re easy to clip accessories to.

11. Nose Action Mount

At the nose of the Bluefin paddle board, there is a centrally fitted action mount. You can use this to securely hold a wide variety of accessories, including smartphone holders and Bluetooth speakers.

My favorite is to use it as an action camera mount.  I can easily film my adventures on the move without having to worry about the expensive camera falling in and getting lost.

12. Handles

bluefin spring carbon handles

This Bluefin SUP isn’t exactly the lightest paddle board around. Luckily, Bluefin has thoughtfully built in several carry handles to make carrying and maneuvering the SUP as easy as possible.

However, even without the weight, it’s tough to move a 14’ SUP on your own, so you’ll usually be sharing the load. A handle at both the nose and tail is perfect for carrying the board with a friend.

There are also carry handles at each side on the board in addition to the standard center handle. All in all, Bluefin has made this paddle board as easy to carry as possible.

If you want to carry passengers or need help if you fall off, there are grab handles on the nose and tail bungee straps. Along with the carry handles, these are perfect if you’re carrying nervous passengers and gives them something secure to hold.

13. Easily Converted for Kayak Seat Use

The 14’ long paddle board has the deck space to make a great double kayak if you want a change from stand up paddling. This is particularly useful on a touring board as it can make a welcome change to be able to sit down if you’re in especially choppy waters.

You can fit one or two of the kayak seat conversion kits to the board. In use, you securely clip the seats to the paddle boards side D-rings. You can then stash them under the bungee when you want to go back to standing up.

Remember that you’ll need a kayak battle for your partner and a convertor kit for your paddle.

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14. Complete Paddle Board Package

Bluefin supplies a complete package of accessories with the Sprint Carbon. It was great to see that the gear matched up to the high quality of this premium board. They have designed everything to make the SUP easy to use both in and out of the water. 

It’s worth knowing that some of the accessories included with this board are superior to those that come with the standard Bluefin Sprint 14 SUP. This further adds to the great value of this touring board. 

a. Bluefin Roller Backpack

The paddle board comes with a roller backpack for storage and travel. The material is sturdy, and it feels like Bluefin has designed it to last. The wheels are particularly useful when traveling with this relatively heavy SUP.

I found that the bag had plenty of space for the board and all its accessories. I didn’t have to work to squeeze in everything. There is soft padding on the straps and back of the bag to make it as comfortable as possible. 

All in all, this is one of the better inflatable paddle board bags I’ve used.

The bag with the regular Bluefin Sprint 14 doesn’t have the wheels and doesn’t appear as if it will be as hard-wearing.

b. Carbon Fiber Paddle

Bluefin has supplied an excellent three-piece paddle with the 14 Sprint Carbon inflatable touring SUP. The paddle has a lightweight carbon fiber shaft and a strong polyurethane blade.

I found that the Bluefin SUP paddle was very comfortable to use. I noticed less fatigue on long-distance paddles compared to a standard fiberglass paddle. In part, this is because the Bluefin carbon fiber paddle weighs 45% less.

The blade is highly resistant to damage and was sufficiently flexible not to break when I inevitably trod on it. In use, it feels solid in the water and makes powerful strokes.

The shaft allows for easy adjustment on the go so that you can use this paddle regardless of your height.

It’s worth knowing that Bluefin supplies the standard 14 Sprint with a fiberglass paddle.

c. Dual-Chamber Pump

The next vital accessory included with the 14 Sprint Carbon is the excellent triple-action pump. The pump has two chambers to provide double the air on each stroke. 

Three modes allow you to alter how the pump inflates on the up and downstrokes as the pressure inside the board grows. This makes inflating the paddle board easier than with a double-action pump, so you don’t strain to get the last few PSI in.

Bluefin has printed instructions on the pump to make it easy to know which mode to use. There is a high-pressure PSI gauge, so you know when to switch. The triple-action pump is larger but takes significantly less time and effort to inflate the board than a regular dual-action pump.

Even with this excellent hand pump, I strongly recommend saving your energy for paddling on the water. Try and have enough in your SUP budget for an electric pump. You will thank me for it.

d. 3-Piece Fin System

The 14 Sprint Carbon has a tri-fin setup that helps the board track well even when heavily loaded. The side fins are 2.5” tall with snap-lock boxes. The center is an 8.5” fin with a standard US fin box.

All fins are removable, so you don’t need to have any worries about how easily the inflatable paddle board will roll up. Using the US box fin system for the center means changing fins to match the water depth and conditions is easy as these are commonly available.

e. Coiled Leash

The Bluefin Sprint Carbon SUP kit includes a high-quality coiled leash to stop your board from floating away if you fall into the water. 

Bluefin has wrapped the coiled leash strap in soft neoprene, so it feels comfortable to wear around your ankle. The coils make sure that the lease is always the right length. It will stretch as you need it but will spring back as you release it to avoid dragging in the water or getting in the way.

There’s even a rail-saver end where the leash attaches to your paddle board D-ring, so it doesn’t cause damage from rubbing.

f. Repair Kit

Finally, the Bluefin paddle board accessory kit includes a repair kit. 

You’ll find PVC patches to fix minor damage and a wrench to tighten the board’s air valves. There are even extra levers in the repair kit for the snap-lock side fins if one gets damaged. 

15. Performance on the Water

The Bluefin Sprint Carbon is an enjoyable paddle board to take out on the water. It delivers a touring experience that few other inflatables can match.

The Sprint Carbon board feels like one of the most stable inflatable boards that I’ve used for its size. This is particularly impressive as this isn’t usually a fundamental property of touring paddleboards. 

Maneuverability is great for a touring board. The built-in kick pad even makes tight pivot turns possible. 

Probably the most impressive feature of the 14 Sprint Carbon is how well it tracks when paddling long distances. This is thanks to the board’s carefully designed shape combined with the three fins. I found that I could push on across the water and almost only needed to change sides when my arms needed a break.

The 14 Sprint Carbon paddle board feels exceedingly solid even in choppy water. There is almost no perceptible deflection on the board.

Finally, this SUP is fast. The impressive speed of the 14 Sprint Carbon is comparable with touring or racing boards that have far higher prices. The board also maintains momentum well, thanks in part due to its weight.

16. Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

Bluefin backs up its boards with the best warranty in the stand up paddle board business.

There is a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects starting from the date of delivery.

To check out the 14 Sprint Carbon paddle board for yourself, there is a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Bluefin will refund less shipping costs, unused boards within this time.

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What Users Are Saying About These Paddle Boards

You’ve seen that I think that the Bluefin 14 Sprint Carbon is an excellent inflatable touring paddle board.

To check what other real-world users thought about the board features, I scoured the internet. Despite this being a new product, I found several highly positive reviews.

A 14 Sprint Carbon user named Iain B said he frequently uses his board for overnight SUP expeditions. He said that he and his friend often end up racing to the site, and that his 14 Carbon has noticeably more speed than other boards. He noted that the huge weight limit of this great board is ideal. He doesn’t need to focus on how much stuff he takes as he never gets close to the limit, in spite of the extra gear he carries.

Eloise M, said she’s an experienced boarder and enjoys the 14 Sprint Carbons authentic touring board capabilities. She said that it tracks brilliantly and is the ideal board for going long distances. She added that her kids enjoy climbing on board for shorter excursions and like to hang on to the grab handles while she paddles.

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The Bluefin 14 Sprint Carbon is an excellent touring paddle board with exceptional performance on the water. It combines superb tracking with remarkable speed and maneuverability. This is a package that will be enjoyed by beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

The 14 Sprint Carbon is extremely solid and stable on the water. In a blind test, it would be easy for advanced paddlers to believe they were on a hard board. The high weight capacity makes it an ideal choice for SUP camping trips or multiple passengers – and you can even convert it into a two-person kayak.

If you’re looking for an inflatable touring board, I strongly recommend checking out the Bluefin Sprint Carbon. 

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