Do Paddle Boards Have a Weight Limit?

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Worrying about the weight limits of paddle boards is a legitimate concern.  I always say that you can’t be too safe when it comes to water activities. You wouldn’t want to have a paddle board that sinks or flexes every time you get on it. You’ll be struggling to maintain balance while paddling. It can … Read more

What Kind of Strength Do You Need to Do Paddle Board Yoga

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If you’re just getting started in the world of paddle board yoga, you’ll need to start off nice and slow. SUP yoga might look pretty easy and straightforward, but it does require some significant core and arm strength. You also need to have a decent sense of balance to execute your poses.  Today, I’ll dive … Read more

Top 10 Paddle Boarding and Yoga Retreats Worth Booking

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Take your paddle boarding and SUP yoga to new heights by booking a paddle boarding retreat.  Stand up paddle boarding retreats are targeted towards water lovers and offer the opportunity to connect to nature in a meaningful way. Paddlers get a chance to experience serene locations all while they hone in their paddle boarding and … Read more

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Worth the Money?

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Inflatable paddle boards took the world of SUP by storm and they continue to gain popularity.  While these boards are affordable and durable, there are still doubts about their reliability. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on a paddle board, only for it to come apart after a few months (or pop when … Read more

How Do You Anchor a Paddle Board for Yoga

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Anchoring your paddle board for SUP yoga practice is much the same as anchoring any other small vessel. Simply find the right anchor, install it on your board, and use it when you need to. Today, I’ll go over the details of how to attach your paddle board anchor and how to throw it overboard … Read more

How Do You Learn Paddle Board Yoga?

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If you enjoy land yoga, and are ready to take your workout to the next level, then yoga on a paddle board might be a great fit for you. When you take your yoga routine to the water,  there’s a whole range of health benefits waiting for you. For starters you’ll be able to work … Read more

Can You Do Paddle Board Yoga in a Pool

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If you’re interested in learning paddle board yoga then you might be wondering about places you can practice. Going out for a paddling session might not be your first thought – if your main goal is learning yoga poses on a paddle board, rather than paddle boarding itself.  Doing SUP yoga in a pool is … Read more

How Hard Is Paddle Board Yoga?

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For many, seeing pictures of people practicing yoga on the water seems like a difficult feat. The reality is, paddle board yoga is actually not as hard as it seems.  It’s all about maintaining your balance on a paddle board and understanding how to slowly transition from pose to pose.  Today, I’ll share with you … Read more

What Is the Best Size Board for Sup Yoga?

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When it comes to most things in life, you can’t take a one size fits all approach. Luckily, in the world of paddle board yoga, that’s not quite the case.  Ask any water yogi and they’ll tell you that the number one thing you need for practicing yoga on the water is a great yoga … Read more

What Is a Yoga Paddleboard?

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To the untrained eye, a yoga SUP board and a traditional stand up paddle board may look the same. However, these boards can differ from one another considerably because they were designed for specific uses.  Today, I’ll share with you some key differences to understand between a traditional stand up paddle board and paddle boards … Read more

Is Paddle Board Yoga Good for You

If you enjoy SUP boarding and yoga, then why not try combining the two? Stand up paddleboard yoga is one of the best physical activities you can do.  Whether you join a SUP yoga class or go at it solo, the benefits of combining yoga with paddle boarding are numerous. Strengthen your balance, work muscles … Read more

Can You Do Yoga on a Paddle Board

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If you’re interested in paddle boarding and yoga, you’ll probably be happy to know that it’s possible to combine the two. Yes – you can do yoga on a SUP board All you need is a stable paddle board that is wide and long enough, a suitable body of water to practice on, and a … Read more

How to Put a Paddle Board on Your Car

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Unless you’re lucky enough to have a house or storage at the edge of the water, you’ll have to transport your board when you want to go paddling.  Hard paddle boards are big pieces of gear to move about, or you might want to move an inflatable board while it’s inflated, so you don’t have … Read more

How to Stand Up Paddle Board

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If you’re new to the sport of stand up paddle boarding, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. SUP boarding is one of the most fun on-water activities around. You can relax and play with friends and family, go fishing, try SUP yoga, go on camping adventures or even get a great full-body workout. … Read more

Your Guide to Perfect Paddle Board Maintenance

Stand up paddle boards have become more affordable in recent years, but they’re still a significant investment. Learning to paddle board safely and enjoyably is essential. However, unless you want to be buying a new SUP every season, you also need to know about paddle board maintenance. This article is going to show you the … Read more

Paddle Board Safety Guide: Tips for Staying Safe on the Water

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Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the most fun and versatile water sports you can take part in. But no matter what you plan to do on your board or how high your experience level is, you need to consider paddle board safety every time you head out. Every trip out on your board requires … Read more

17 Awesome Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Poses You Need To Try

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Paddle board yoga offers a great workout, improves balance, and gets you outdoors to reduce stress. However, it can be tough to know where to start, particularly if you’ve never practiced a yoga routine on the water. I’m going to show you some paddle board yoga poses perfect for beginners. So grab your board, and … Read more

What to Wear for SUP Yoga

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Clothes that are stretchy, comfortable, and moisture-wicking (as you might wear to the gym) are best for SUP yoga. If it’s hot, a swimsuit and rash vest is ideal. When cooler, leggings and a workout top are a great choice. This guide will show you everything you need to know about what to wear for … Read more

What is SUP Yoga?

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SUP yoga takes your practice out of the studio and onto the water on a stand up paddle board. In addition to yoga’s regular benefits, the subtly moving board offers extra strength and balance challenges. The outdoor environment relieves stress, provides a connection with nature, and makes a fun workout space. Aside from straight up … Read more

How Long Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Last?

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How long do inflatable paddle boards last? This is one of the most common questions about inflatable SUPs.  Blow-up paddle boards have many advantages, the main one being portability and ease of storage. They are also much more durable than hard paddle boards and you may have seen the incredible durability tests like the one … Read more

What Size Paddle Board Do I Need?

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Choosing a paddle board can be a tough decision. You can’t just pick the first one you see. There are several factors to consider and some of them, like SUP size, can be stressful. “What paddle board size do I need?” This is a question you will hear often, more so from beginners. Having the … Read more

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

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Cost is an important factor to consider when buying a stand up paddle board. But when you start looking at SUP prices, you will find yourself confused. Some go for as low as $170 while others are more expensive than high-end kayaks! So how much do paddle boards cost? Buyers want to know and it … Read more

How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?

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You have heard all about the health benefits of paddle boarding. It promotes mental health, engages all your muscles, helps with balance, and burns calories.  But this is not enough information, especially if you are on a fitness journey and looking to lose weight.  Exactly how many calories are burnt paddle boarding? Can you lose … Read more

Why Are Paddle Boards So Expensive?

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More and more people are taking up paddle boarding. You have decided that you don’t want to be left out.  So you start looking around for a good paddle board and you can’t believe the price tags. Why are paddle boards so expensive? It’s not like they are huge or have a complex design. Even … Read more