How much does a paddle board cost


You’re in a search for inflatable sup? That’s great. But you might have some questions regarding the paddle board cost. What’s cheap, what’s expensive and what to look for in a board.

If you have only some basic knowledge about paddle boards, read our guide about inflatable stand up paddle boards. Or if you know already what to look for, check out our recommendations for best paddle boards.

But back to the main point.

paddle board cost

I could write a lengthy explanation, but a single sentence would describe more than a hundred words:

You get what you pay for.

Well, sort off. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but there is some truth in it. A high-quality product will not come cheap.

Many think that they should be way cheaper than solid boards. But in reality, inflatable stand up paddle boards come at a similar price point.

If we return to pricing, we can split them into 3 price groups (cheap, medium and premium).

Cheep paddle board cost

A decant inflatable stand up paddle board could come around 400$

But due note that it will lack behind better-priced sup boards. Be it build quality itself, fin choice (for some boards could be very limited), or additional accessories which of course would be missing.

It may not be that bad. But if you’d want to get those things (e.g. leash, backpack, better paddle) on your own they would soon add up and increase the total price.

If your budget is rather tight and you’re looking for cheap inflatable sup then check out these two boards.

Medium priced paddle board cost

Then there are medium-priced boards that sit around 600$ mark or rather close to it. These almost always come in a great package and at a good or great quality. We recommend looking at iRocker sup and Atoll sup if you want a great all-around board.

They both fall in the medium-priced category. Plus the quality is excellent. And there’s more – you’ll get not only the board itself but also additional accessories. Check them out to learn more.

High priced or premium quality boards

And then there is the premium segment that’s starting from around 800$ and up. These are top quality boards that are of excellent quality and will not disappoint you.

If you’re interested in this segment we recommend you to look at Tower Xplorer sup and Hydrus sup. They are great for touring and can also to some extent be used for racing.

Differences between cheep and premium quality paddle boards.

As previously mentioned then the most important point in differences is build quality. Medium or premium category boards will be made better and materials used will be of higher quality.

Next in the list is a paddle. For higher grade board it will more often be made from carbon fiber thus it will be lighter. Whereas for the cheaper board it will most likely be made from aluminum which obviously will be heavier.

Then, of course, there are additional accessories like sup leash, better quality pump, fin choices, backpack. For cheaper boards, they could be missing or be of lover quality.

Which one should I get?

Of course, we could recommend going for top-end boards. But medium-priced boards often do pack a punch and also have better quality than some lesser-known premium inflatable sup boards.

If your finances allow it – go with either iRocker sup or Atoll sup boards that were previously already mentioned. You’ll love them as both of them will perform great and will last for years if you’ll not abuse them.

But if you truly need the best of the best then go with the Tower Xplorer sup. It’s a premium quality inflatable paddle board that you can’t go wrong with.

In the end, it’s up to you and your budget, but try to go for the best one you can. A higher-quality product will give you fewer problems later.