iROCKER inflatable stand up paddle board


This is a well made 11 feet long medium inflatable sup that comes at a very decent price. The package also includes additional accessories that come close to the ones provided with Atoll inflatable board that we do also recommend.

First, let’s look at board dimensions and included accessories:

  • length: 11 feet
  • thickens: 6 inches
  • width: 32 inches
  • weight: 24lbs
  • paddle: 3 piece adjustable
  • pump: triple action hand pump
  • extra accessories: repair kit and backpack

So, all in all, it looks like a very nice package. Though if you’re interested specifically in fishing then there might be better options to consider. Same applies if you want to share a single board with multiple adult paddlers.

Speaking of its weight it’s not that heavy (24 lbs) but it sure can carry a load as the recommended maximum weight on it is 435 lbs. This easily allows to take your kids along for the ride and then some. Sure there might be some flex in such situations but hey it’s inflatable and it’s just basic physics.

When looking at the board itself it does have a small rocker in front. It’s not that big but it will handle chop and waves quite well. Rougher waters won’t be an issue and will not stop your ride.

On top of the board, there are multiple D-rings that you can use for whatever you want. For example, they will allow you to strap a seat or secure more cargo. That’s especially handy if you plan a longer trip.

This board has a 3 fin design. And all of them are detachable and changeable for the right water conditions. If you’re not that experienced or not so comfortable in choppy waters with the standard equipment then you may want to search for another central fin. But you’ll need to test it for yourself. And as the SUP board has universal fin installs then it’s no problem to find an aftermarket fin(s) that you’d like to use.

The paddle is adjustable and consists of 3 fiberglass pieces. so it’s really light if you compare it to aluminum ones. And it comes with an ergonomic handle. Nice thing is that you can easily convert the paddle to a kayak paddle with a blade on each end. But you’ll need to purchase it additionally as it’s not included in the base package. And while we still look at the blade then it’s edges are made of strong, resilient rubber material that will keep it intact for a long time.

But if you prefer a single piece paddle that is perfectly solid or a paddle with T shaped handle then you should consider an aftermarket one. But despite that, the standard one is still a high-quality product.

It’s all nice so far, but you still need to inflate your sup board. So there’s included a great dual-chamber triple action hand pump. Sounds pretty complex but in reality, it’s not. And guess what, it will inflate your board faster and easier than otherwise seen dual-action hand pumps that are in other packages. Oh and it weighs just 4lbs.

Also as an extra, there is also included a very comfortable and spacious backpack / carry bag for your inflatable paddle board. You’ll be able to fit in it not just your board but also other accessories with ease. It’s worth mentioning that it also has inner stabilizing board strap and outer clinching straps that will prevent the sup from shifting inside the bag thus making the carrying easier.

Final verdict – highly recommended all around inflatable stand up paddle board that is made from high-quality materials and comes with extra accessories.