iRocker Paddle Board Reviews (2022) – Are iRocker Paddle Boards Good?

iRocker makes remarkable inflatable paddle boards and many paddlers would agree. Their popularity has been rising and iRocker keeps upgrading the boards, making them even better. 

Regardless of your budget, skill level, or favorite SUP activity, iRocker has a paddle board for you. While all iRocker stand up paddle boards are great, you still have to pick the one that is right for your needs. And that is not always easy, especially when all the boards look amazing. 

So you need to understand the features, benefits, and downsides of each board. It also helps to know what other paddlers think based on their experiences with the iSUPs. That is the point of the following iRocker paddle boards reviews.

iRocker Blackfin V Review (2022)

blackfin v featured

This is a review of the Blackfin Model V inflatable paddle board. If you’re looking for a touring board with space for fishing gear, a stable platform and the capacity to take kids along for your next paddle boarding session – then you might want to consider . I found…

Blackfin XL Review (2022)

blackfin xl featured

This is a review of the Blackfin Model XL stand up paddle board. The holy grail of inflatable stand-up paddle boarding is a SUP that can do everything, everywhere. While you may need a focused board for some very specialized activities, most of us want a SUP that can essentially…

iRocker All Around 11′ Review (2022)

irocker all around 11

This is a review of the iRocker All Around 11′ stand up paddle board. Years ago, a lot of the inflatable paddle boards were quite specialized. Luckily now we have great all around boards that are diverse enough to use in different situations or bodies of water; like this fantastic…

iRocker Nautical Review (2022)

irocker nautical review

This is a review of the iRocker Nautical.  The is the first entry-level paddleboard from iRocker. While people don’t expect much from budget boards, I was impressed by its features and performance.  It is an amazing all-around paddle board that people of all skill levels can use. The Nautical is…

Blackfin Model X Review (2022)

blackfin model x supboard

This is a review of the iRocker Blackfin Model X. The Blackfin paddleboards are premium models from the famed SUP company, iRocker. is outstanding in many ways. I particularly love its incredible stability and premium features. Its stability gives you a wide range of options in terms of what you…

iRocker Cruiser Review (2022)

irocker cruiser review

This is a review of the iRocker Cruiser 10’6.  The Cruiser is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle board options in . And it is easy to see why paddlers love it so much. Certain things about it have captured my attention.  The iRocker Cruiser is a fantastic…

iRocker Company Review

Dave and Steve have been water sports enthusiasts for the longest time. So it’s no surprise that paddle boarding quickly became one of their favorite activities. 

Being adventurous paddlers, the two friends wanted to travel all over with their paddle boards exploring lakes, oceans, and rivers. But this wasn’t possible with hard boards–then inflatable SUPs entered the scene. Finally, they could go anywhere they wanted with their paddle boards, even by plane. 

Inflatable stand up paddle boards were still new and Dave and Steve saw a great opportunity. They strongly believe that paddle boarding is the best way to experience the water and connect with your soul. You can explore, fish, practice yoga, and do so much more, all on your paddle board. 

That is how the iRocker SUP company came to be. A brand that was created in 2013 is now popular worldwide. They produce high-quality paddle boards for all kinds of paddlers.

Their goal is to offer rugged paddle boards that are easy to use without compromising performance.  

Optional iRocker SUP Accessories

All iRocker paddle boards, even the budget ones, come with quality accessories. The package typically includes a paddle, backpack, manual pump, leash, and a repair kit. 

There are more optional accessories that you can buy from iRocker to make your adventures even more fun. 

They include:

  • Waterproof speakers
  • Fishing rack mount
  • iRocker popup cooler
  • Kayak blade
  • Roto-molded cooler
  • Kayak seat
  • Sand spear and sand spear mount
  • GoPro selfie pole
  • Fishing rack
  • Fishing rod holder
  • Cell phone case
  • Anchor kit
  • iRocker SUP cleaner
  • SUP electric pump and electric pump battery
  • Board mat
  • Cooler deck bag
  • Cup holder

iRocker’s Warranty Information

iRocker offers a three-year warranty for all their Blackfin and iRocker paddle boards. The Nautical boards come with a one-year warranty. 

The Nautical iSUPs are their budget boards but their quality makes them stand out from other cheap boards on the market. 

Every paddle board made by iRocker is a quality board built using either dual-layer or triple-layer composite PVC. This explains why they confidently stand behind their SUPs. 

Wrapping Up

Anyone who has used an iRocker paddle board will tell you that their boards are the best. They are well-made and come with equally great accessories that last. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an affordable SUP or a seasoned paddler in the market for a feature-packed board, you can get it from iRocker. 

I hope the above reviews have given you an idea of which iRocker paddle board is right for you.