7 Best Multi-Person Paddle Boards (2021)

Multi-person paddle boards can be fantastic on-water entertainment for all your friends and family. However, it can be a bit bewildering to know which to choose. I’m going to show you how you pick the right multi-person SUP for your party.

bluefin mammoth sup

Of all the multi-person boards I have tested, I found the Bluefin Mammoth 18’ to be the best overall. The Mammoth has an excellent weight capacity of 1,430 lbs and is highly stable even with multiple people on board. 

At 18-feet in length, it’s a pretty large board, but there are carry handles all around the edges that make it easy to move. These are also helpful to climb back onto the board after you’ve been in the water.

When you’re looking to go paddle boarding with multiple riders, it’s not a case of one size fits all. I’m going to show you boards that are great for two people as well as larger groups with weight capacities from 500 to 1655 lbs.

So keep reading, and I’ll guide you to the best multi-person paddle board for you.

Best Accessory Package – Gili Manta Ray

gili manta ray

If you are just starting out with paddle boarding, you might not have any equipment. Not every board comes with much as standard, but the Gili Manta Ray includes two adjustable travel paddles

Gili also supplies two dual-chamber pumps to make inflating the board as easy as possible. There’s also a convenient carry bag.

Highest Rated Weight Capacity – Airhead Super SUP

airhead super sup

If you want the stand up paddle board that can carry the biggest load, look no further than the Airhead Super SUP. This beast has a rated weight capacity of a huge 1,655 lbs.

Multi-Person Paddle Boards Compared

Multi Person Paddle Board
1. Bluefin Mammoth
1. Bluefin Mammoth
18′ x 60″ x 8″
60 lbs
1430 lbs
2. Gili Manta Ray
2. Gili Manta Ray
15′ / 12′ x 56″ / 45″ x 8″
52 / 35 lbs
1150 / 725 lbs
3. Peak Titan
3. Peak Titan
12′ x 45″ x 8″
34 lbs
500 lbs
4. Isle Megalodon
4. Isle Megalodon
15′ / 12′ x 56″ / 45″ x 8″
50 / 34 lbs
1050 / 650 lbs
5. Driftsun Orka
5. Driftsun Orka
12′ x 42″ x 8″
35 lbs
550 lbs
6. Driftsun Party Barge
6. Driftsun Party Barge
15′ x 55″ x 8″
47 lbs
1100 lbs
7. Airhead Super SUP
7. Airhead Super SUP
18’6 x 60″ x 8″
75 lbs
1655 lbs

1. Bluefin Mammoth 18’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Best Overall

bluefin mammoth

The 18-foot Bluefin Mammoth is a fabulous choice for taking large groups. The overall weight capacity is an impressive 1,430 lbs, so you can carry multiple people, and ample gear.

The Mammoth is a capable SUP, so you’ll be able to paddle together safely on flat water lakes or small waves on the ocean. The board is very stable, even when loaded up. 

Thanks to the five detachable smart-lock fins, the Mammoth tracks well for its size. If you plan for some long journeys with friends, this board will certainly manage.

This stand up paddle board is also excellent for on-water family fun. There are 13 carry handles located around the SUP. Not only do these make it easy for your gang to carry the Mammoth, but they are also perfect for hopping back on after you’ve taken a dip.

The Mammoth weighs 60 lbs. Of course, part of this is due to its large size, but it is also a testament to Bluefin’s heavy-duty build quality. This multi-person inflatable SUP is made from tough military-grade PVC. The Mammoth is a quality product that will last a long time.

Bluefin includes a five-year warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to back the build quality up.

The thermo-sealed crocodile print deck pad is large and comfortable. Bluefin supplies the essentials, including a storage bag and a high-capacity dual-chamber hand pump. The Mammoth does have multiple valves. For quick and efficient inflation, you might want to add a second pump for yourself or, even better, an electric pump.

You have to supply your own paddles, but that means you can purchase the quantity and style that suits you. 

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2. Gili Manta Ray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Best Accessory Package

gili manta ray sup

The Gili Manta Ray comes in two sizes. There is the 12-foot model, which is 45 inches wide, and the 15-foot, which is 56 inches in width. 

Gili suggests that the 12-footer is good for two or three people, while the 15 is for five or more riders. Apart from their dimensions, both share the same feature list. These SUPs both perform well as paddle boards or floating party platforms.

To make it easy to inflate the board, Gili supplies two excellent dual-chamber manual pumps. With the two high-pressure valves on the SUP, you can share the work and get the Manta Ray fully inflated quickly.

The Manta Ray performs like a proper paddle board, so if you want to make an overnight camping trip, this might be a good option. The Gili SUP has large bungee system areas at both the nose and tail to make carrying camping gear easy. 

There are carry handles around the edges, so getting the SUP in and out of the water won’t be a problem.

If you want to fit accessories, then the Manta Ray is ideal. Gili has included four Scotty mounts and five action mounts. You could kit this out for a brilliant tandem fishing excursion. 

Alternatively, you could use the mounts for a multitude of accessories. You could add cup holders or BlueTooth speakers to make your dream river barge or floating dock for chilling out.

Two collapsible paddles are included, along with a storage bag. Gili provides a two-year warranty and for every SUP sold donates money to ocean conservation charities.

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3. Peak Titan 12′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

peak titan

The Titan is one of the smaller boards in this review  and is 12 feet long x 45 inches. With its maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs, the Titan is perfect for two or three adults.

This inflatable multi-person paddle board is surprisingly lightweight at just 34 lbs. However, Peak has still used military-grade dual-layer PVC and high-density drop stitch material.  The Titan will be able to stand up to everyday knocks.

The comfortable EVA traction pad is large and soft. If you want to take your dog on the water, you’ll be happy to know that the deck pad looks like it will stand up well to paws.

There are four fixed fins underneath and a snap-in center fin. These help the Titan track well in a straight line as you and your buddies paddle together.

Peak includes a complete accessory kit. You’ll find two adjustable alloy shaft paddles with nylon blades. Additionally, there are two high-pressure dual-action pumps to inflate the board. There’s also a transportation bag and even a waterproof phone case.

To carry gear, there is an oversized forward bungee storage area secured by six D-rings. Meanwhile, to shift the board itself, there are nine grab handles. The Titan comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

The Titan has supreme stability and superb maneuverability as one of the smaller boards. If you’re in the market for a SUP for a few people and a bit of gear, this inflatable multi-person paddle board is a great choice.

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4. Isle Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

isle megalodon

The Megalodon from Isle is a multi-person inflatable offered in two sizes. You can choose from the 12 ‘x 45″ model with a weight limit of 650 lbs or the 15’ x 56″ version that can support 1,050 lbs.

The Megalodon has what I think is the nicest visual design of all the multi-person paddle boards that I tested. The blue color looks smart and modern.

The soft brushed EVA traction pad is exceptionally comfortable. It has grooves cut in it to increase traction and improve water drainage. I found that it was nice and soft to sit and stand on.

The Megalodon has eight reinforced carry handles around the board’s rails. In addition, there is a standard center carry handle that has a rounded handle and neoprene padding for comfort.

There is a high-quality accessory package included. Of particular note are the two excellent lightweight carbon hybrid three-piece adjustable paddles. There is also a hand pump.

As you might expect from a well-respected manufacturer such as Isle, the Megalodon performs very well on the water. The SUP is extremely stable, even with small waves. Meanwhile, even the larger board manages to be maneuverable with excellent straight-line tracking.

For traveling longer distances, there is an included removable nylon touring center fin. If you’re in shallower water, the four shorter fixed fins manage to do a great job.

The Isle Megalodon is made from military-grade PVC and looks highly durable. The SUP has a two-year warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so that you can test the board out for yourself.

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5. Driftsun Orka 12′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

driftsun orka sup

The 12-foot long Orka is a popular inflatable multi-person SUP that comes in two colors. You can choose from a bright green or a cool teal.

The Orka has a 550 lb weight limit, and the board itself comes in at 35 lbs. On flat water, including lakes, rivers, or the sheltered ocean with small waves, the Orka performs well. It is an excellent multi-person platform for both fun and serious paddling.

The wide deck gives the Orka excellent stability, and when fully inflated to 15 PSI through the multiple valves, the board is extremely rigid. The Orka is manufactured from tough military-grade PVC. Despite being one of the cheaper boards on this list, it should stand up well to everyday use.

The Orka comes with two high-volume hand pumps and a practical storage bag. You will, however, need to purchase your paddles separately.

For securing cargo, the Orka has a bungee storage area at the nose of the SUP. I did think that this was relatively small for a board of this size. However, this means more deck space is available for paddlers, which might be more important. It is also possible to add more bungee using the D-ring tie points at the tail if needed.

The deck has an excellent and large EVA pad. The textured rear deck pad is especially good and is the perfect surface for practicing impressive tail turns.

Two fixed side fins accompany a removable 9″ long center fin to aid tracking. There are no fewer than twelve handles on the Orka, so everyone will be able to grab on in comfort.

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6. Driftsun Party Barge 15’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

driftsun party barge

The Party Barge is a 15 foot long multi-person inflatable paddle board with a 1,100 lb weight capacity. The SUP remained stable and secure, even with five adults on board.

Inflated, the Party SUP weighs 47 lbs, so two people can handle it. However, there are 14 handles around the board, so the job is effortless if you have more people available.

Driftsun has built the Party Barge from military-grade PVC and uses a high-density drop-stitch to keep the board’s shape when inflated. The included accessory package has two hand pumps and a packing strap to keep the rolled-up board tight for transport.

The Party Barge is surprisingly easy to paddle with just two people. Despite its size, it’s possible to get up to a reasonable straight-line speed on calm water.

To help tracking, there are two fixed side fins and a removable fin in the center. This board will be perfect for relaxed paddling onto a lake for a family picnic. While it doesn’t have mounts for rod-holders, two or three people might find this a spacious platform for some SUP fishing.

Like its smaller brother, the Orka, the Party SUP has a relatively small nose bungee area. However, it also has four extra D-ring anchor points at the rear that you could use with more bungee cord or to fix a cooler box.

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7. Airhead Super SUP 18’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Highest Rated Weight Capacity

airhead super sup

Finally, we have the largest multi-person inflatable SUP in this list; the 18’6 long Airhead Super. This huge board has an incredible 1,655 lb maximum weight capacity and, unsurprisingly, is the heaviest at 75 lb.

When it’s time to inflate this monster, you’ll find that Airhead has included four hand pumps so everyone can pitch in to get the job done. Even with that, I would include an electric pump or two in my budget if I was  often using an inflatable board this big.

Despite the large size, you can still paddle the Super SUP across calm waters happily. We put a team of eight together and were impressed at how stable the board was once everyone managed to get  paddling in a controlled fashion.

There are three nine-inch removable fins included with the board to aid tracking, and these definitely seemed to make a difference.

There is a small bungee system area at the board’s nose that is probably just about large enough to hold everyone’s flip-flops.

The thick EVA traction pad is really comfortable and covers almost the entire length of the board. 

As you might expect, with a board this large, there are plenty of handles (17 to be exact) for moving the SUP and for grabbing on. 

At the nose of the Super SUP, Airhead has thoughtfully included an action mount that you can use with your GoPro or another action camera. It’s great to film your team’s activities when you head out, and this mount makes it easy and secure.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Multi-Person Paddle Board

A multi-person paddle board can be tremendous fun with family and friends. They’re also great for team-building activities. But you need to make sure that you’re making the right choice. These are my suggestions of what to consider so you can pick the right multi-person board.

What Do You Want To Use the Board For?

When considering what you want to use the board for, the most critical question is how many people you want to paddle with.

I’ve reviewed multi-person SUPs ideal for two people and some that can carry eight or more. It’s essential to make sure that you choose a multi-person inflatable SUP that has enough space for your whole family.

Similarly, if you’re only planning for two of you, then a huge stand up paddle board might be unwieldy and unnecessarily expensive.

Is the SUP’s Weight Capacity Sufficient?

Ensure you check if the weight capacity is suitable for everything you’ll want to carry.

Remember that it’s not just people that you need to consider. You need to include gear such as drinks coolers that you’ll want to take. It’s best to allow some weight allowance over what you think you’ll need rather than going right to the limit. Otherwise, you might start to affect the board’s stability and performance.

Is the Size and Shape Appropriate?

Inflatable paddle board shapes and sizes differ, and they also dictate what the paddle board is suited to do. The boards that we’ve reviewed here are all-around style boards ideal for most applications.

However, you’ll also find multi-person SUPs that have thinner touring style hulls. These are excellent for more experienced paddlers that want to go long distances together but might not be so good for general fun on the water.

Is the SUP Going To Be Stable When Loaded Up?

When loaded with people and gear, you may find that a paddle board can lose some of its vital stability. This can make the board tricky to paddle or even cause people to end up in the water.

The multi-person inflatable SUP boards on this list are all about eight inches thick. This, along with sensible weight loadings, means that they stay stable even when loaded up.

Be aware that some large paddle boards on the market are thinner and will not perform as well as the ones selected here. 

How Does the Board Perform on the Water? 

Some multi-person boards are effectively a party SUP that you can only paddle a short way. Others are fully functional paddle boards you can go long distances with.

If you want to use your board for some authentic paddling, make sure that you check out how well it performs in terms of tracking and maneuverability.

Does the Board Have a Comfortable Deck Pad?

When you’re chilling out on the lake with your buddies, you’ll want to be comfortable. Similarly, you don’t want to get fatigued quickly from a slippery surface when you’re paddling.

Check that the board has a good quality EVA traction pad and see how much of the board it covers. Some boards will have pads that only cover the center section, while others will include a rear textured pad.

Are There Sufficient Carry Handles?

If you’re looking at a larger stand up paddle board, you need to make sure that you’ll be able to move it in and out of the water successfully. Due to their large size and weight, these multi-person boards need two or more people to move them, so you’ll need multiple carry handles.

You’ll also want handles positioned suitable across the board so that passengers can hold on while you’re moving. It’s also a good idea to have handles around the edge rails so you can easily get in and out of the water.

Are Paddles and Pumps Included?

If you’re already a dedicated paddler, you might have some equipment to reuse with your new big board.

Alternatively, you might be starting and need everything.

Some boards come with paddles and pumps, and some don’t. Ensure you know what you’re getting and what you’ll need to buy separately.

The maximum that the boards on this list  come with is two paddles. For larger SUPs, you’ll probably need to purchase more.

While many boards have excellent dual-chamber hand pumps, for SUPs this large you should consider buying an electric pump. These make inflating your board easy and lets you save your energy for fun on the water.

Does the Board Have Useful Extra Features To Consider?

Consider what you might need now or in the future to ensure that your board has the right features.

For example, you may want to use your board for fishing. If so, you’ll probably want to choose one that has multiple action or Scotty mounts so you can fit rod holders and tackle racks.

What is the Build Quality Like?

Make sure that you check out the board’s build quality. Larger paddle boards should have at least double-layer military-grade PVC.

You can also evaluate the density of the drop-stitch fibers, with the higher being better and likely longer-lasting. 

What Warranty and After-Sales Support is Provided?

Your paddle board should come with at least a one-year warranty, and many come with longer. Many manufacturers also offer satisfaction guarantees that allow you to return the board for a refund if you change your mind.

You must check the terms and conditions before you buy as some suppliers impose a restocking or transport fee that can make the deal less valuable.

Try and research the manufacturer’s reputation for after-sales support. All of the brands reviewed here are pretty popular, and while some are larger than others, none are known for leaving customers’ problems unanswered.

Multi-Person Paddle Board FAQs

What Is the Difference Between a Multi-Person SUP and a Multi-Person Dock?

The difference between a multi-person SUP and a multi-person dock is that a SUP is designed for paddling around on the water. A dock is designed to float in one place. Docks can be fun to lounge around on but aren’t as versatile as a proper paddle board.

Why Choose a Multi-Person Inflatable Paddle Board Over a Hard Board?

A multi-person inflatable paddle board will be considerably lighter than an equivalent rigid board. Inflatables are also much more practical to store and transport. They are also more resilient to general knocks than rigid boards and are typically easier to repair.

Can two or More People Stand on a Paddle Board at Once?

Yes, two or more people can stand on a multi-person paddle board at once. Indeed, the width of these boards means that you need at least two people to paddle them efficiently. Some of the boards I’ve  reviewed are suitable for eight or more people, and with practice, they can all stand up, and multiple people can paddle at once.

How Much Weight Can a Multi-Person Paddle Board Hold?

The multi-person boards reviewed here have weight limits ranging from 500 to over 1,600 lbs. When you consider that the average male American weighs a bit under 200 lbs, you can see that these boards can have a huge people carrying capacity.


The Bluefin Mammoth 18’ is my choice as the best multi-person stand up paddle board overall. It is a very well-built multi-person SUP with excellent stability and a fantastic 1,430 lb weight limit. The Mammoth also comes with a five-year warranty to give you confidence that it will deliver high performance for a long time.

I’ve covered some excellent multi-person inflatable SUP’s that make great paddling boarding choices for two people or up to eight and more.

But if you’re not sure which to go for, check out the Bluefin Mammoth for yourself