Can You Do Paddle Board Yoga in a Pool

If you’re interested in learning paddle board yoga then you might be wondering about places you can practice. Going out for a paddling session might not be your first thought – if your main goal is learning yoga poses on a paddle board, rather than paddle boarding itself. 

Doing SUP yoga in a pool is a great alternative to SUP yoga out in a natural body of water. You just need to find a pool that will allow for this. 

Not only is paddle board yoga in a pool fun, but it can be a great way to get acclimated to the sport if it’s your first time trying it out. SUP yoga in a pool is especially great if you need to perfect your balance when you stand up paddle boarding. 

Whether you’re an novice, an expert, or are simply looking for a challenge, SUP yoga in a pool is certainly worth trying out. Read on to see exactly why!

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Use a Pool to Try Out New Yoga Poses

If you’re like me, it doesn’t take much to feel silly on a yoga board. This is especially the case if you’re not sure what you’re doing or are trying out new poses. 

When I was first starting out with SUP yoga, trying out new poses to target my core strength always had me feeling silly and unsure. More often than not, I was falling off of my board rather than getting control of my core muscles. 

For me, one of the best reasons to do paddle board yoga in a pool was the chance to practice new yoga poses without having to worry about other people around me. 

Giving yourself the freedom to try out new poses, stretches, and techniques is great for your overall yoga routine. Not only that, but it will give you the confidence to do SUP yoga without worrying about your technique or how you look.  

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Check Your Local Aquatic Center for SUP Yoga Classes

If you don’t have your own pool that you can jump into, you still have options. One of the best places to look is your local Aquatic Center. Many aquatic centers will offer group SUP yoga classes. 

Don’t feel intimidated by joining one, especially if it’s your first time. You’ll find that many of the group participants will be trying out the sport for the first time as well. Plus, this can be a great place to meet others who are interested in perfecting poses and balance on a paddle board. 

Plus, when you join a class, you’ll get a chance to learn about new, more challenging poses. This is a great opportunity to learn how to work out new muscles. You can also learn about proper breathing techniques, and how to support yourself on the water. 

Benefits of Paddle Board Yoga in a Pool 

Aside from being able to try out new poses in a less intimidating environment, there are many other benefits to paddle board yoga in a pool.

SUP Yoga in a Pool is More Stable

The first benefit is the stability you will experience. The water in a pool is relatively calm, especially if you’re the only one in it. Even if you’re doing stand up paddle boarding with a class, you’ll still experience a level of stability that you won’t in a body of water out in nature. 

Even the calmest of lakes and rivers will have some waves in them. Whether it’s other boaters or the wind, even the smallest waves can keep you from staying balanced. 

When you’re doing yoga in an indoor pool, you eliminate the possibility of waves almost entirely.  This is great for newbies who are still getting acclimated to yoga exercises on a paddle board.

SUP Yoga in a Pool is Safer

It’s also a lot safer to do paddle board yoga in a swimming pool. For starters, you can see the water beneath you. 

Plus, you don’t have to deal with objects like sharp rocks or twigs that you would find in outdoor bodies of water.

SUP Yoga in a Pool is Great for Beginners

As I mentioned, doing SUP yoga in a swimming pool is great for beginners. Not only will you get acclimated to the water, but it’s less intimidating when you’re doing exercise for the first time in a confined swimming pool. 

Overall, you don’t have to worry about falling off your board and then chasing it down. There’s no need to worry about waves, others around you, or really any other obstruction you would find in the outdoors.

Practice Sup Yoga With Safety in Mind

Even though SUP yoga in a swimming pool is more confined and offers you greater control of your surroundings, you still have to practice safety. Just as safety is a priority when you’re standing up paddle boarding outdoors, it should also be a priority when you’re in a pool. Here are some of the basic tips to keep in mind so that you stay safe. 

Work Out In a Large Enough Pool 

Make sure you are practicing SUP yoga in a large enough space. For peace of mind, I like to take the length of my board and multiply it by 2.5. That number should be the length and the width of the pool that you are practicing in. 

This way,  when you do fall off if you’re board, you minimize the chance of hitting yourself on the edge of the pool. Typically, you’ll want to do SUP yoga in a pool that is at least 25 by 25 ft. 

Position Yourself in the Center of The Pool 

Regardless of the size of your pool, you should always position yourself in the center of it. When you are in the center, you create a nice zone of safety around you. This way, when you do fall off your board, you fall into the water and avoid the edge. 

Avoid the Pools Shallow End

Most pools will have a shallow end and a deep end. If it’s a large enough pool, the middle of it will normally be rather deep. Make sure that wherever you’re working out, you are doing so in a part of the pool that is not shallow. 

When you fall off of your board,  you want to make sure that you have enough clearance. This way, you don’t hit your head on the bottom of the pool floor. 

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Paddle board yoga in a swimming pool is easily one of the best types of water activities to participate in. This type of paddle board yoga allows you to get acclimated to the water and your board in a way that is safe, yet fun. 

Not only will you be able to better understand how to balance yourself, but you’ll get the confidence you need for when you go outdoors. 

If you’re already an experienced water yogi, then the pool can be a great place to challenge yourself. When you don’t have to worry about your balance too much, you can try out new exercises and poses.