The 7 Best Paddle Board Carts (2024)

Carrying your board a long way can be a pain and suck the fun out of paddle boarding. I will show you how a paddle board cart can lighten your load and bring back your SUP enthusiasm. 

I tested seven products and found the RailBlaza cart to be the best overall for carrying your paddle board. The adjustable rubberized pads hold your watercraft securely while on the move. The cart can be assembled without any tools and quickly dismantled so you can take it with you without taking up much space. 

I take my SUP to many different locations and know how annoying it can be to hump your board up and down beaches. A cart makes this task a breeze, and quickly you won’t be able to manage without one.

The RailBlaza cart is ideal if you have a few different types of watercraft. The intelligent and easy-to-adjust design means that it can also move a canoe or kayak.

Best for Moving Two SUPs – Suspenz Double SUP Airless Cart

The Suspenz is a double SUP cart that’s ready to transport your and your buddy’s board to the water in one trip.

The strong aluminum frame is more than up to the job and should last for many years of service. It also has excellent padding to protect your precious cargo. 

I’m also going to show some great choices if you have multiple SUPs to move or need a cart that can also cope with a kayak.

So read on, and I’ll show you how a paddle board cart can help you enjoy your SUP time better.

Paddle Board Carts Compared

SUP Cart
My rating
1. RailBlaza Trolley Cart
1. RailBlaza Trolley Cart
2. Suspenz Double Cart
2. Suspenz Double Cart
3. Suspenz Single Cart
3. Suspenz Single Cart
4. Pelican Boats Cart
4. Pelican Boats Cart
5. SUP Wheels Carrier
5. SUP Wheels Carrier
6. Wheeleez Rack 3 Cart
6. Wheeleez Rack 3 Cart
7. ABN Carrier
7. ABN Carrier

The Best Paddle Board Carts

Here are the seven best SUP carts that I think you should check out.

1. Cor Surf Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Cart – Best Overall

Our first SUP cart, and my favorite overall, is the Cor Surf adjustable stand. It is a cradle-style SUP carrier that your board sits in on its edge. This means that the cart is suitable for effectively any length or width board.

You can configure the carrier’s arm for boards between 3.5 and 9-inches thick. This will comfortably include any inflatable or hard board that I use. There is a tie that easily hooks over the board at the top of the 20-inch tall arms to make sure that it won’t bounce about on rough ground.

The cradle bars are covered in 2-inch thick foam bumpers, so your board will be protected while on the move. For its size, I thought that this cart was pretty lightweight. This is down to its all-aluminum construction. Although it’s lightweight, high-strength aluminum is highly corrosion resistant.

The Cor Surf adjustable stand has 9-inch diameter solid plastic wheels with rubber treads. They perform very well on all but the softest of sand, and being plastic cannot be punctured.

The manufacturers are a family-run company with an excellent reputation. They even offer a 30-day guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied. You can return the Cor Surf adjustable stand for a full refund if you are not happy. All in all, this is an excellent choice for carrying a single SUP board.

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2. Suspenz Double SUP Airless Cart – Best for Moving Two SUPs

If you’re heading onto the water with a friend, this double SUP carrier is ideal. It has a brightly colored, epoxy-coated high-strength aluminum frame that feels extremely durable. The cradles accommodate two SUPs, each up to 7-inches thick.

The rests and arms of the frame are covered in thick neoprene foam, which will protect your board effectively. Although the cradles aren’t adjustable, a long strap is included to secure your SUPs in place. 

Suspenz has used 10-inch diameter airless rubber tires that can’t be punctured. They are excellent on hard and off-road surfaces. It’s worth knowing that you can order the cart with wide balloon tires if you need to be able to go on very soft beach sand.

I also tested this cart with just one SUP and found it was still easy to move despite being slightly unevenly loaded. The central handlebar is a nice feature that makes it simple to wheel the cart when it’s empty. 

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3. RailBlaza C-Tug Trolley Cart – Best for if You Also Have a Canoe or Kayak

If you are in the market for a SUP carrier and have a kayak or canoe, this cart from RailBlaza is just what you need. The C-Tug has unique adjustable arms with rubberized pads and straps to transport both SUPs and vessels with angled hulls.

The cart is manufactured from entirely corrosion-resistant materials. RailBlaza has used lightweight fiberglass reinforced composite plastics, stainless steel, and anodized high-strength aluminum. It feels incredibly well-made, and to back that up, they offer a five-year warranty.

The standard wheels are puncture-free plastic with high grip rubber treads that are great off-road. If you need to go on very soft sand, you can choose the option with extra-wide wheels.

One of the neatest features of this SUP dolly is that you can assemble it entirely without the need for any tools. When it’s time to head onto the water, you can break it down in less than 20 seconds and store the cart safely on your board.

RailBlaza rates the cart for 300lbs or 120kg, which can comfortably cope with even a loaded SUP.

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4. Suspenz Single-Up SUP Cart with Airless Wheels

The single SUP cart from Suspenz shares many of the features of the double board that I’ve already talked about. The epoxy-coated aluminum frame is substantial, and you know it will last you for a long time. 

Your SUP sits on its edge in the cart and can be up to 7-inches thick. Every part of the carrier that the board might come into contact with is covered in neoprene foam bumpers. You don’t need to worry about any scratches while you are on the move.

There are two D-rings on either side of the cart, and you can use these with the provided strap to secure your board in place. 

I found that the 10-inch airless tires were great in the parking lot and down the path to the beach. It’s only if you’re going to be traveling a lot on very loose sand that you might have trouble. If that’s the case, Suspenz offers this cart with extra-wide wheels.

This cart is well-built and highly capable on most surfaces as a single SUP carrier. 

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5. Pelican Boats – Universal Canoe, Kayak, and SUP Cart

Our next choice is a carrier that neatly folds together, making it easy to transport and even bring along with you on your SUP.

The Pelican SUP dolly is made from heavy-duty aluminum but is a lightweight at only 7.6lbs / 3.5kg. You can use it with canoes as well as SUPs. 

The cart is designed for a maximum load of 110 lbs / 50kg, so it’s ideal for both inflatable and rigid boards. You’ll find two adjustable straps delivered in the package to make sure that your SUP stays in place on the move. There are thick rubber bumpers on the frame where it carries your board, and they should last for many years of service.

The inflatable tires are 3-inch wide and 10-inches in diameter. Although inflatable tires can get punctures, they are highly versatile. I let a little air out when the sand got soft and found that the carrier was still pretty easy to move.

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6. SUP Wheels Evolution Stand Up Paddle Board Carrier

SUP Wheels make a range of carts with some really unique features. However, you need to ensure that you get the correct model for your SUP. 

The carrier surrounds the tail of your board, so the width determines which model you need. The regular Evolution is suitable for hard boards no greater than 15-inches wide at the rear. For wider boards or inflatable SUPs, you’ll need the Evolution Model X.

With that out of the way, we can talk about the features of the carrier. Firstly, it folds completely flat, so it is really easy to carry and even take with you on your SUP. The manufacturers even include a nice storage bag.

The carrier is also pretty unique in that it has been designed to float. You don’t have to worry if you drop it in the ocean. Everything is made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials.

However, the feature I really love is that you can tow your SUP behind your bike on the road. If you live close enough to the water, it’s enjoyable to cycle with your board.

The wheels are puncture-proof and don’t need air. I found they performed impressively on reasonable solid sand. Their 14-inch diameter makes it easy to get over curbs and other obstacles.

Finally, once you’ve parked your bike, there’s even a tow strap with a rubber handle that is really comfortable to use when you’re pulling the board along.

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7. Wheeleez Stand Up Paddle Board Rack – 3 Boards

wheeleez rack 3 cart

If you’ve got three SUP boards to move, the Wheelez line is where to look. This frame is manufactured from aircraft-quality, heavy-duty anodized aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance. All of the fasteners are 304-grade stainless steel, so you know nothing is going to rust.

The total capacity of the rack is 176 lbs / 80kg. The prongs and horizontal bars are coated in soft foam to protect your boards, and the frame collapses easily for storage.

You need to choose the SUP cart to go with this rack and can pick from models with wide beach tires or “tuff-tires” for off-road use.

The distance between the prongs is 6-inches. If you have particularly thick boards, you might want to check before purchasing that they will fit. 

This is a solidly built rack, and when not on the carrier, you can use it as a floor or wall-mounted storage system for your boards.

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8. ABN Universal Carrier

abn carrier

You can use this SUP dolly carrier for kayaks, canoes, Jon boats, and floating mats, as well as paddle boards. The universal carrier is made from high-strength anodized steel and weighs in at 8 lbs or 3.6kg. The maximum weight capacity is 200 lbs / 90kg.

The carrier has 9.5-inch diameter inflatable wheels with knobbly tires. These are ideal for rough surfaces, including gravel, wooded paths, and packed sand, as well as hard roads.

There is a spring-loaded kickstand to stop the carrier from moving as you’re loading. A 12-foot long tie-down strap is included to make sure your SUP stays securely onboard.

When it’s time for travel, the wheels are easy to remove, and the carrier folds up for storage. You can then put it in a backpack or secure it under the bungee cord on your board.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right SUP Cart

Before buying your SUP accessories, you’ll want to be sure that you’re making the right choice. Here are the crucial factors that I’ve found can make the difference between a perfect SUP carrier and a useless waste of money.

Is the Carts Weight Capacity Appropriate?

You don’t want your carrier to buckle underneath your board’s weight, so check that the manufacturer gives it a suitable rating. This can be particularly important if you have a heavier rigid board rather than an inflatable.

You might also want to bring a bit of extra gear, so be sure to include that in your total weight requirement. 

Is the Design Suitable for Your SUP Board?

Not every carrier will be able to accommodate every single design of SUP. For example, if you have a multi-person paddle board, you’ll need a cart designed to cope with larger boards. 

Can You Adjust the Cart for Different Sizes of Board?

Check that the carrier is adjustable to carry your board and others that you might want to move in the future. 

Some carts have a fixed maximum width that they can hold. Others can cope with just about anything, although that may make them bulkier.

Can You Also Use the Cart for Other Watercraft?

If you have a kayak or a canoe, look for a carrier that can carry them as well. That way, you get to enjoy the ease of having a cart with all your different watercraft.

How Is the Board Held in Place on the Cart?

Some carriers have mechanisms like bungee cord or straps to hold the board in place while you are on the move. This can be especially important if you are going over rough terrain.

Take a look to see if and how you will secure your board or if the design will stop your SUP from moving if you hit a bump.

Does the Cart Take a Lot of Space or Weigh a Lot When Traveling?

There’s a big difference in the carts that I reviewed in size. A large carrier may be the sturdiest and have the best wheels for going off-road, but that means that it takes up a lot of space in the trunk.

If you’re traveling, this can be a significant consideration. You won’t want to be shifting a large, heavy cart along with your other baggage at the airport.

Is the Cart Easy To Carry On Your Paddle Board if You Need To?

The reason to buy a carrier is to make it easier to move your SUP over long distances. If you’ve just done that and are ready to paddle, you might not want to take the cart back to the parking lot.

Some carts collapse into compact pieces that you can take on your SUP board. This might be an essential consideration if there’s no secure place to leave your carrier while paddling.

Does the Cart Have Plastic Tires or Rubber?

What the cart’s wheels and tires are made of can affect how well it performs for you. Inflatable tires are usually the cheapest rubber tire and are good on different surfaces. Unfortunately, they can get punctured or need inflating over time. This makes airless or no-flat wheels a better bet. However, these are usually more expensive or smaller to save cost. They may be less suitable for soft terrain.

Plastic wheels are hardwearing and often come coated with rubber to give them extra grip on hard surfaces. However, they might not be great on soft beach sand unless sufficiently wide.

Can You Use the Cart on a Variety of Surfaces?

Consider where you’re going to be using your carrier to determine if it will be suitable. The best wheels for soft beaches are the large balloon-style type that spreads the load, so you don’t get stuck. However, these are not great for narrow paths or hard surfaces where they can be punctured.

Airless or inflatable rubber tires are a great compromise. When sufficiently large and wide, these wheels can be considered suitable for rough terrain. Similarly, so long as they are not too thin, hard plastic wheels are lightweight and can spread the load, so you don’t sink.

Remember that the larger the wheels, the heavier they will be, and the bigger the carrier will be to carry and store. If you only need a cart for hard roads or paths, you’ll be able to choose a more compact unit than one that needs to work on rough terrain or soft beach sand.

Stand Up Paddle Board Cart FAQs

How Do You Make a Paddle Board Carrier?

You can make your own paddle board carrier with some technical skill and patience. Commercially designed units will probably last you longer and be better for different terrains.

Sometimes doing it yourself can be rewarding, but you might find that it’s less pain to stick to a professionally designed carrier.

Can You Use a Kayak Cart for a Stand Up Paddle Board?

Yes, some kayak carts are suitable for use with a paddle board. You need to check that the carrier is adjustable to hold the paddle boards flat shape securely.

Are Plastic Tires Better Than Rubber Ones on a Paddle Board Cart?

Plastic tires are a great combination of strength, low cost, and work well on various surfaces. They will also never get a puncture.

Rubber tires are excellent on rough terrain, but they can be more costly. Inflatable tires are the most versatile as you can lower the pressure for very soft beach sand. However, they will need inflating from time to time and can get punctured.

Airless rubber tires are an excellent compromise, although they tend to be smaller and are not always suitable for soft ground.


The Cor Surf Paddle Board Cart is my choice as the best overall paddle board cart. It is easy to adjust and securely holds boards between 3.5 and 9-inches thick. I thought this carrier was particularly sturdy, and the aluminum construction will resist corrosion for a long time. This family-run company even gives you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can return the cart if it’s not suitable.

I’ve shown you some excellent carriers, including ones that can move multiple boards or even kayaks and canoes. 

However, if you’re not sure which of these SUP accessories to choose, I strongly suggest that you check out the Cor Surf Paddle Board Cart for yourself.