Your 13 Best SUP Deck Bag Options of 2024

Bungee storage on your SUP is fine for your flip-flops. However, it’s not great for smaller or more delicate items. A deck bag is the perfect solution, and one of the best paddleboard accessories you can get. I’m going to help you choose the right one.

Of all the SUP deck bags in this list, I think the iRocker Cooler Deck Bag to be the best overall. It has a small profile and is easy to attach to your board. It’s large enough to pack your stuff, and can keep your drinks cool as wellRead more about the iRocker Deck Bag here

Not everyone wants the same from their deck bag, so I’m going to show you many deck bag options. I’ve really tried to cover all bases and demonstrate how there’s something out there for every SUP enthusiast. 

So keep reading, and I’ll show you the best paddle board deck bags.

Paddle Board Deck Bags Compared

Deck Bags
My rating
1. iRocker Cooler Deck Bag
1. iRocker Cooler Deck Bag
13″ x 12″ x 6″
2. Thurso Deck Bag 10
2. Thurso Deck Bag 10
14″ x 12″ x 4″
3. Bote Highwater Backpack
3. Bote Highwater Backpack
12″ x 19″ x 7.5″
4. Geckobrands Backpack
4. Geckobrands Backpack
13.5″ x 20″ x 1.5″
5. iRocker Backpack Cooler
5. iRocker Backpack Cooler
30 L
6. Seattle Sports Deck Bag
6. Seattle Sports Deck Bag
15.5″ x 11.5″ x 5″
7. Taj M’Haul Deck Bag
7. Taj M'Haul Deck Bag
17″ x 13″ x 5″
8. Sea to Summit Deck Bag
8. Sea to Summit Deck Bag
15″ x 10″ x 5″
9. SUP Now Deck Bag
9. SUP Now Deck Bag
12″ x 14″
10. Gearlab Deck Pod
10. Gearlab Deck Pod
3 L
11. SUP Now Cooler Deck Bag
11. SUP Now Cooler Deck Bag
12.5″ x 9″ x 4″
12. Advanced Elements Deck Bag
12. Advanced Elements Deck Bag
14″ x 7″ x 4″
13. Attwood Deck Bag
13. Attwood Deck Bag
10.7″ 8.2″ x 3.1″

The Best Sup Deck Bags

Here are the fifteen best paddle board deck bags that I think you must consider.

1. iRocker Cooler Deck Bag – Best Deck Bag

irocker cooler deckbag

I liked how this bag offered enough safe storage space for a short trip. The 13 x 12 x 6” profile sat at the nose of my board and didn’t get in the way. 

If you’re planning a longer excursion, you’ll have plenty of room on your SUP for extra gear. You could even readily fix this bag on a hard cooler box as a quick grab bag.

It’s worth knowing that the bag is water-resistant but not waterproof. It should be perfectly fine for typical splashes, but you wouldn’t want to rely on it for long if you dropped it in the water with electronics inside.

This bag is ideal for taking your lunch and a few drinks and does an excellent job at keeping them cool. Underneath the bag, there is a bungee to quickly secure it to your board’s D-rings using the included clips. There’s even a comfortable carry handle and an external pocket for small items.

2. Thurso SUP Deck Bag 10 Can – Best for Keeping Your Drinks Cold

thurso deck bag 10 sup

If you want to prioritize keeping drinks and food cold, this is the deck bag you need. The thick foam insulation does a great job of keeping everything cool, even on the hottest of days.

The standard 14 x 12 x 4” model carries ten cans, but if you need more drink or food capacity, there’s also a 20-can version. Both models are water-resistant and have strong zippers.

I liked the mesh pocket on top of the bag that allows you to keep smaller items in an easy-to-access place. Thurso includes four hooks that quickly attach to your paddle boards D-rings to secure the bag. 

The gray and black finish might not be the most colorful, but it has the benefit that it will match the design of almost any SUP.

3. Bote Highwater Submersible Backpack

bote highwater backpack

The Bote bag is a 100% waterproof backpack that’s easy to carry. The molded pad even makes it comfortable to wear over long distances.

The Highwater is made from nylon material with welded seams. It is coated on both sides with waterproof TPU, and even the zipper is fully waterproof. Whatever you put in this bag will stay dry even if you accidentally drop it in the ocean. 

The 28-liter internal capacity has pouches that could carry a 15” laptop, a 12” tablet, and your favorite camera. There are cam straps and a stretch pocket on the outside that you can use for anything you need quickly.

I found that it was easy to stash the bag underneath my board’s bungee, but you can also use the straps to secure it to D-rings. 

If you’re carrying expensive gear and want a waterproof bag that’s really comfortable to carry, this is the perfect solution.

4. Geckobrands Waterproof Paddle Board Backpack

geckobrands backpack

This backpack dry bag is ideal if you want somewhere simple that will keep your gear completely dry. Maybe you want to carry a change of clothes or a towel. Or perhaps you have your phone and car keys. Whatever it is, this bag will stop anything from getting wet.

The bag is lightweight at just seven ounces and is designed to be rolled up to pocket size when empty. This makes it highly convenient to have around ready if you quickly need to keep something dry. 

The drawstring cords are simple but effective, and there is a chest clip to keep them comfortable on your shoulders. There are eight color combinations to choose from, so you’ll likely find one to match your paddle board or taste.

5. iRocker SUP Backpack Cooler

irocker backpack cooler

This backpack-style bag is sturdily constructed. The main compartment is completely waterproof, thanks to its roll top dry bag seal design.

You could use the bag to carry wet clothes, towels, or other gear without having to worry about it making you or your vehicle wet. As a bonus, the 30-liter capacity bag is insulated so you can fill it with drinks or food, and it will be kept cool.

There are two large mesh pockets on either side of the bag and a front waterproof pocket. There’s even an expandable pouch that you could use to hold a rolled-up towel.

I found the padded shoulder straps very comfortable even when the bag was fully loaded. There’s also a chest strap and waist belt to keep everything in place, which is helpful when you’re wearing the bag while launching your SUP.

6. Seattle Sports Vinyl Coated Mesh Deck Bag

seattle sports deck bag

The Seattle Sports deck bag is made from vinyl-coated mesh, which should stand up well to the rigors of use. The zipper is corrosion-resistant to enhance the bag’s service life further.

The bag has one compartment that measures 15.5 x 11.5 x 5”. You can quickly secure it by using the supplied snap-hook clips with your board’s bungee cord.

This bag isn’t waterproof, but it works well to carry items that won’t get damaged if they get wet or are contained inside waterproof boxes or bags. If the bag does get wet, the mesh material dries very quickly.

There’s a convenient webbing handle to carry the bag on land. All-in-all, this is a cost-effective bag that I found perfect for keeping items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and water bottles tidy on your SUP.

7. Taj M’Haul Deck Bag

taj mhaul deck bag

Our next choice is the versatile and rugged Taj M’Haul deck bag. This bag has a 400-denier nylon outer shell which feels very durable. It measures 17 x 13 x 5” and will fit at either the nose or tail of your SUP secured by the included clips.

The nylon shell is water-resistant. However, there is a sizable waterproof infinity inner bag with a hydro lock seal for delicate items that must be kept dry. You can put whatever you need in here and be confident it will stay dry no matter what happens.

As well as the main compartment, the Taj M’Haul deck bag has two expandable side pockets that are great for holding water bottles. I also used a mesh pocket on the top for sunglasses and sunscreen.

Finally, bungee rigging on the top of the bag is useful for your flip-flops or towel.

8. Sea to Summit SUP Deck Bag

sea to summit deck bag

The Sea to Summit deck bag has an excellent 24-liter capacity, so it is a good option if you want to carry a bit more than usual. The bag is made from 420-denier ripstop nylon that is TPU coated. With the watertight zip and hypalon roll-top closure system, you get a bag that will keep everything inside completely dry.

There are aluminum hook and eye buckles, and tie-downs to secure the bag with if you have available D-rings or bungee cord. If not, then conveniently, there are 3M self-adhesive lash points that you can fix in a convenient place directly onto your SUP to fix the bag to.

Usefully the interior of the bag is white, which can help make it easier to find items inside. If you want a large dry bag to carry a complete change of clothes and other things completely dry, then this is one to check out.

9. SUP-Now Paddleboard Deck Bag with Waterproof Phone Case

sup now deck bag

The SUP Now bag is a low-profile mesh bag that’s ideal for sorting out smaller items when you’re out on the water. The pouch is larger than many other similar products and measures 12 x 14”. I found it suitable for keeping pretty much anything I needed for a morning trip.

Being a mesh bag, the SUP Now bag isn’t waterproof. However, you get a waterproof case included that is ideal for holding your mobile phone or keys safe inside. The mesh is heavy-duty, and the large zipper is corrosion-resistant.

Thoughtfully there are several ways to secure this bag to your board. For rigid boards, there are suction cups so you can locate the pack on any free, flat area. For inflatables, you can either slide the bag underneath your bungee cords or you can use the included line to tie the bag down onto available D-rings.

You can choose this bag in confidence as the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee allowing you to return the product if you’re not happy with it.

10. Gearlab Deck Pod

gearlab deck pod

The Gearlab Deck Pod is an award-winning design aimed at white-water and adventure kayak paddlers. The two side holders are designed to provide direct access to an optional paddle float and a bilge pump. While an average paddle boarder may not need these, there are still several other interesting features.

You can fit a 3-liter hydration bladder into the Gearlab Deck Pod, which makes it easy to stay hydrated on the move. Alternatively, you can use the entire internal space for storing your kit. There’s a long mesh pocket inside for organizing small items.

The side pockets are perfect for a water bottle, a rolled towel, or sunscreen on a paddle board. You can access these easily without having to open the main bag up.

The Gearlab Deck Pod mounts with corrosion-resistant quick-release straps to D-rings or bungee. The 450-denier hydrolysis-resistant fabric should stand up well to many years of use.

11. SUP-Now Paddleboard Accessories Cooler & Mesh Bag

sup now acc cooler deck bag

This cooler deck bag can hold up to six drinks cans in its main insulated compartment. It’s made from water-resistant material, so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet.

As well as the main space for your cold food and drinks, there is a large mesh bag pouch with a zip closure for smaller items. I’ve used this for protein bars, sunglasses, and anything else that I don’t want to keep chilled.

SUP-Now includes a waterproof phone pouch with the bag so your phone can stay safe and dry no matter what happens. The bag secures with four clips and has an adjustable bungee system that makes sure you can fit it to whatever D-rings or rigging you have available.

12. Advanced Elements QuickDraw Deck Bag

advanced elements deck bag

The QuickDraw deck bag is a stylish, water-resistant product made from tough 500D PVC tarpaulin for high durability. It fits available D-rings or bungee on your board via its easy-to-use, adjustable webbing straps.

A unique feature of the QuickDraw deck bag is that once you’ve fitted it, you can happily leave it attached to your board. The QuickDraw has a 75D ripstop material inner dry bag with roll-top closure. You can undo the exterior shell’s zipper and slide this 7-liter capacity bag in and out as needed. 

For extra storage, there is bungee cord on the outside of the shell for a towel or your flip-flops. Although it doesn’t have the largest capacity, this deck bag is convenient and easy to use to keep gear dry.

13. Attwood SUP Deck Storage Bag

attwood deck bag

If you’re interested in a compact bag to keep some items safe on a morning paddle, the Attwood deck storage bag might be a good option. The bag has an 8-liter capacity and measures ‎10.7 x 8.2 x 3.1”.

The Attwood deck bag secures onto your SUP via a bungee cord at each of its corners. There is an attached clip that you can snap onto D-rings or your deck rigging.

It’s worth knowing that the zip-sealed bag isn’t water-resistant, so anything you put inside will need to be waterproof or inside something that is. However, the Attwood bag will keep things neat and comes in at an affordable price point.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Deck Bag

Before selecting your SUP deck bag, you’ll want to consider several factors to make sure it will meet your needs.

Do You Need a Waterproof Deck Bag, a Dry Bag, or One That Is Water Resistant? 

Your choice will depend mainly on what you plan to carry and the conditions you’ll be paddling in. If you’re going to be carrying items that cannot under any circumstances get wet such as camera equipment, you’ll need a waterproof bag. 

To be doubly sure, you might consider additional individual drybags for expensive gear. Check that the waterproof description on a bag includes its zippers and seals.

If the items themselves are waterproof or have separate watertight cases, a water-resistant bag will be suitable. Water-resistant material might prevent a bit of water ingress. However, the rating mainly demonstrates that the bag itself won’t be damaged if it gets wet.

Your bag is going to get wet if it rains. However, it can also suffer from everyday paddling splashes. Make sure you use waterproof cases or drybags to protect anything that will get damaged.

How Is the Deck Bag Secured to Your SUP?

Make sure that you’ll be able to fix the bag to your particular board. Most of the bags I have featured need at least four D-rings to fit to. If your board doesn’t have enough, you might need to use suction cups or get adhesive fixings to add more.

You can fit other bags to the bungee cord that’s installed on your SUPs nose or tail. Either way, carefully consider how you’lll affix the bag, before making your purchase.

Does the Bag Have Appropriate Storage Compartments for Your Needs?

Some paddle board deck bags have just one large compartment, while others have multiple spaces and storage panels.

If you want to carry a change of clothes, a towel, and other bulky items, then a large space might be what you want. However, it’s often helpful to have some additional pockets to keep smaller items in. Be aware that sometimes only the main space is waterproof.

Finally, consider how much space you’lll need. You’ll need a large bag or multiple bags for overnight camping trips, whereas, for a morning out, a small bag, less than 10-liters, will do.

Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations when deciding which paddle board deck bag to buy, such as the following: 

  • How easy is it to carry the bag? – Think about how you’ll carry your bag to the water (as not all have handles). Look for backpack straps or handles if you’re carrying your bag longer distances.
  • Do you want a deck bag that is insulated to keep food and drinks cool? – Consider a bag with foam insulation to keep drinks cool, or use sealed icepacks in a dry bag for the same effect
  • Is the design suitable for use on a paddle board? – Some bags are designed to use on a kayak. Make sure you select a bag you can use on a paddle boards flat deck.

SUP Deck Bag FAQs

Do I Need a Deck Bag for My Paddle Board?

Yes, many people need a deck bag for their paddle board. Even for short trips, keeping items dry, organized, and secure is very useful.

Are SUP Bags Waterproof? 

Some SUP bags are waterproof, and some aren’t. Ensure that you check the manufacturer’s ratings carefully if you need a waterproof bag for delicate items. Ensure that zippers and seals are waterproof as well as the material itself.

How Do You Attach a SUP Deck Bag?

You attach a SUP deck bag using the supplied fixings. Most bags come with clips that attach to bungee or D-rings on your board. Make sure that the bag you want will attach to the fittings available on your board.

Can I Use a Kayak Deck Bag on My Paddle Board?

Some kayak deck bags can be used on paddle boards. Check with the manufacturer to ensure the kayak bag will fit on a flat SUP deck.

How Can I Protect My Phone From Paddle Boarding?

Protect your phone while paddle boarding with a waterproof phone case. Even if you have a waterproof deck back, it’s best to have a separate phone case in case the phone gets wet while you are using it.

What Will a 10-Liter Dry Bag Hold?

10-liter dry bags can hold a change of clothes, a towel, and supplies like a water bottle and snacks.

How Do You Keep Things Dry When Paddle Boarding?

The best way to keep things dry while paddle boarding is to use a dry bag. Dry bags are completely waterproof.


The Bote Highwater Submersible Backpack is my choice as the best overall SUP deck bag. It is a completely waterproof backpack, so you can carry delicate items in it without any concern. It is comfortable to carry over long distances, and it has a spacious 28-liter capacity.

I’ve shown you some great paddle board deck bags of different sizes, including some for keeping drinks cool. However, if you’re unsure which to choose, I strongly recommend you go for the Bote Highwater Submersible Backpack