Tower Xplorer inflatable stand up paddle board


This Tower sup is of premium quality. It comes at a higher price point than many other boards but you should note that quality doesn’t come cheap. The package also includes accessories – fewer than some would want but still better some than none.

First things first – let’s look at the sup and what’s included along with it:

  • length: 14 feet
  • thickens: 8 inches
  • width: 32 inches
  • weight: 25lbs
  • paddle: 3 piece adjustable
  • pump: high-pressure hand pump
  • extra accessories: simple repair kit

This truly is a long long board due to its length – 14 feet. Do note that there are also available smaller versions but for review, we’ll stick with the long version. As it’s longer, thicker then also, of course, it’s weight increases but it still is very reasonable.

Material quality is excellent and the inflatable sup will serve you for many years if you don’t abuse it that hard. Remember though that it’s inflatable so it’s not completely puncture-resistant. But due to the materials and the build technology, it will be very resistant to tears and sharp edges.

If you compare a cheap / medium sup with Tower board then this board will win hands down in durability tests. Take good care of it and it will endure for years.

Another notable feat is that the board can hold up to 800 pounds once fully inflated. That includes not only the paddler itself but also a few extra persons. A trip with your kids? Sure, no problem. You can take extra adults with you with ease.

It sure can carry a lot, but it will really excel once you ride it alone and use it as it should be used.

If we look at its main characteristics then this inflatable stand up paddle board has a very decant rocker in front and it will handle choppy waters just fine. Plus it’s perfectly designed for touring and racing. Long-distance rides will feel just great.

It has a single fin design. It’s detachable so you can pick another one if the original that comes with the sup does not work for you or you don’t feel fully comfortable with it. Although we do recommend that you first do a few test rides to get the feel and hang of it.

Although for the first time paddler the one that comes out of the box should suffice for quite a while. Once you’ll gain more experience you’ll know what to look for that best fits your paddling.

The paddle is adjustable and consists of 3 pieces and it comes with an ergonomic handle. Like the board, this paddle itself is also of premium quality. Sure, some may say that it’s still adjustable so it may not feel so stiff as a single piece one. But it’s quite light and also feels really sturdy.

The best thing is that it’s easier to store and transport an adjustable paddle rather than the one that comes in a single piece.

Finally, as an extra there is also a hand pump and a repair kit. Pump itself is of good quality and will inflate the paddle board quite fast.

A bag could be a nice touch but better something than nothing. This is a minus to this package but hey, look at this on the positive side – you can pick your own perfect backpack.

Final verdict – highly recommended premium quality inflatable stand up paddle board that is made from ultra-high-quality materials and includes extra accessories. The missing backpack is a minus. But all in all – a great product that is highly recommended.