7 Best SUP Pumps (2022): Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Manually pumping up an inflatable paddle board isn’t that hard. But it can still be tiring, especially if you do it frequently. If you want to save all that energy (and time) for paddle boarding, a SUP electric pump is your best option. 

Paddlers buy electric pumps for convenience. So you have to pick a quality one that will make your life easier, not harder. This can be a difficult decision with all the models available. 

To help you out, here is my list of the top paddle board electric pumps. I also include a buying guide and everything else you need to know to choose the best SUP pump for you. 

outdoor master shark pump

I personally tested multiple paddle board pumps and found the OutdoorMaster Shark to be the best overall.

This powerful two-stage pump features a digital display and an automatic shutoff function. It turns off when the desired psi level is reached. 

The pump can inflate up to three paddleboards in a row, thanks to its active cooling system. It is perfect for a group of friends or family with several SUPs. 

While the OutdoorMaster is amazing and we highly recommend it, paddlers have different preferences.

So read on for more SUP pump reviews for specific cases. 

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Best Budget SUP Pump: Sevylor Paddle Board Pump

savylor pump

If you are on a tight budget you might love the Sevylor SUP pump

It has an adjustable auto-shutoff function. All you have to do is connect the hose and choose your pressure. The pump will do the rest. When the target psi is reached, it will turn off. 

This high-pressure 12V SUP electric pump may be cheap but its quality is outstanding.

It is well-made and it inflates stand up paddle boards up to 15 psi. 

Best SUP Electric Pumps Compared

SUP Pumps
1. Outdoor Master Shark II
1. Outdoor Master Shark II
dual stage; active cooling system; auto-shutoff
20 psi
2. iRocker Pump
2. iRocker Pump
12v, optional battery
15 psi+
3. Sevylor
3. Sevylor
15 psi
4. Seamax SUP20D
4. Seamax SUP20D
dual stage; overheating protection; auto-shutoff
12v, optional battery
20 psi
5. SereneLife pump
5. SereneLife pump
rechargeable battery
16 psi
6. Seamax SUP20S
6. Seamax SUP20S
20 psi
7. Bravo BP12
7. Bravo BP12
15 psi

Best Inflatable SUP Electric Pumps

1. OutdoorMaster Shark II SUP Air Pump – Best SUP Pump Overall

outdoor master pump

The OutdoorMaster is a two-stage high-pressure pump that can inflate three SUPs in a row, up to 20 psi. It has an active cooling system–a feature you won’t find in any other SUP pump. 

With most electric pumps, you have to take a break after each paddle board to prevent it from overheating. But that will not be a problem with this pump.

The OutdoorMaster is an automatic dual-stage pump and it features an auto-shutoff function. When the target pressure is reached, it will automatically turn off. It also has a deflation function. It makes everything so simple and smooth. 

This pump will connect to your vehicle’s 12V DC connector. It has a 12A fuse for added safety. 

One thing I like about the OutdoorMaster SUP pump is that it comes with a full set of nozzles. It is compatible with most high-pressure inflatables. 

All these features, plus the digital display make pumping your board super easy. This would be a great pump for you if you want an efficient pump that can inflate several boards fast. 

The pump measures 11.08” x 9.45” x 4.84”.

2. iRocker 12V Electric Pump  

irocker pump

Inflate your paddle board in 12 minutes or less without wearing your arms out with the iRocker 12V SUP electric pump.

It comes with a cord storage compartment and a carry handle for convenience. The pump is not large and it will fit in the top pocket of iRocker SUP bags and most other iSUP bags. 

The iRocker iSUP electric pump has an auto-shutoff function. It will stop automatically once the set psi level is reached. 

The high-pressure piston pump will connect using a cigarette lighter or alligator clips to a 12V battery. 

The iRocker pump measures 7″ x 8.5″ x 4″ and comes with a one-year warranty.

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3. Sevylor SUP Pump – Best Budget Pump 

savylor pump

The Sevylor SUP and Water Sport electric pump is one of the best SUP electric pumps for people on a budget.

While it is not a high-end model, the Sevylor will easily inflate your SUP and even other inflatable toys. 

The high-pressure pump can inflate up to 15 psi. Like the more expensive models, it has an auto-shutoff feature. Connect the hose to your paddle board and set a pressure level then let the pump do its job. 

The Sevylor pump comes with a low-pressure extension hose and adapters for low-pressure inflatables. It also has a unit selection button, allowing you to choose from psi, kPa, and mbar. 

The stand up paddle board electric pump is powered using a 12V vehicle outlet. 

This would be a great option for you if you are looking for an affordable but quality pump for your SUP and other inflatables. 

It measures 7.7” x 7.36” x 7.17”. 

4. Seamax SUP20D Paddle Board Pump

seamax sup20d

This Seamax SUP20D electric pump is an upgraded version with some fantastic features. 

Its major parts are made using marine-grade ABS and nylon material. You can be sure that the pump will last a long time. 

The SUP20D has a backlit LCD display and an audible indicator for your convenience as well as a built-in sand filter. It also features overheat protection, a temperature sensor, and a voltage sensor for managed inflation. 

This double-stage electric air pump can inflate your paddle board and other inflatables up to 20 psi. It can pump up multiple boards. However, you have to run it in the air for a minute after each board to allow it to cool down.

The Seamax SUP20D is compatible with SUPs that have Halkey-Roberts (HR), Bravo, Naru, and similar air valves. 

Its 12V DC connector features an in-built 12A fuse and includes a cigarette lighter spare fuse in the package as well.

The SUP pump measures 10.71” x 7.64” x 6.77”. 

5. SereneLife Rechargeable Pump 

serenelife rechargeable pump

The SereneLife Rechargeable pump comes with a built-in 12V 6000 mAh rechargeable battery. You can get several full inflations out of it before you have to recharge it, which is nice. You can also power it using a car cigarette lighter. 

The iSUP electric pump has a 3.3-foot flexible air hose and an LCD digital display. 

It includes touch button control to make operation easy. 

This 12V SereneLife paddle board pump features a 0 to 16 psi setting. You can set the target pressure to prevent over-inflation.

You will love the compact design of this pump. It even has a housing access lid for the power cable. And it comes with its own bag for easy carrying.

The SUP pump measures 9.8’’ x 6.9’’ x 6.1’’. 

6. Seamax SUP20S Electric SUP Pump

seamax sup20s

The Seamax SUP20S will inflate most paddle boards in about 10 minutes. 

This single-stage electric pump is simple but efficient. It has an LCD screen and buttons that help you set your desired pressure level (up to 20 psi). You can adjust the pressure value while the pump is still inflating. You don’t have to pause the inflation process. 

The pump will automatically stop when the set psi level is reached or after 20 minutes of continuous pumping. 

The Seamax inflatable stand up paddle board pump is compatible with Halkey-Roberts (HR), Bravo, or similar air valves. It also includes four extra universal valve adaptors in the package.

The iSUP pump’s 12V DC connector features a built-in 10A fuse. 

It measures 10.28” x 7.28” x 5.83” and comes with a 2-year limited warranty

7. Bravo BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump

bravo btp pump

The Bravo single-stage electric pump inflates and deflates. It can inflate a paddle board up to 15 psi. 

The air pressure pump comes with its own carrying case, which makes it easy to carry around. It comes with eight valve adapters, including one for the Leafield C7. It is compatible with most inflatable paddle boards.

The Bravo BTP 12 electric pump connects to a 12V battery. It features an easily accessible air filter which helps with cleaning and replacement. 

The package also includes a six-foot air hose and nine-foot-long battery cables. 

This pump measures 11” x 4” x 6.25”. 

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Electric Pump for Your Paddle Board

Knowing the top 7 SUP electric pumps and what they have to offer is nice. But they are different in many ways. 

How do you know which one is perfect for you?

Well, here is all the information you need. 

Do I Need an Electric SUP Pump?

Most inflatable paddle boards come with pretty good hand pumps. But the fact that you’re reading this means that you want the convenience of an electric pump. 

While a hand pump isn’t difficult to use, inflating your SUP to the desired psi level can be quite the arm workout. 

If you always have to inflate and deflate your SUP after every session, it may be too much work. The same applies to paddlers who have to pump up multiple boards or older SUPers. 

The inflation process is effortless with an electric SUP pump. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a SUP Pump

All electric paddle board pumps are not the same. So here is what you should consider.

1. Functions

a. Inflation and Deflation

In addition to inflating your paddle board, some electric SUP pumps also have a deflation mode. This means that you won’t have to deflate your paddle board manually. If this is important to you, look for a pump that deflates.

b. Inflation Stages 

As you have seen with the above pumps, some are single-stage while others are dual-stage. 

A single-stage electric pump inflates your paddle board in only one stage, as you can guess from the name. 

A double-stage electric pump, on the other hand, has two stages. The second stage is slower and this ensures safety. 

Some pumps have been known to over-inflate paddle boards, leading to damage. Dual-stage inflation prevents this from happening. 

c. Speed

Many people believe that all electric SUP pumps are fast. This is hardly the truth. Some of them are slow, taking up to 15 minutes and maybe longer. 

Most of the air pressure pumps listed here can inflate your board in roughly 10 minutes, which is good. 

d. PSI Level

Every electric pump is designed to pump up inflatables up to a certain psi level. Each paddle board also has a recommended psi capacity. 

It is important that you inflate your board up to the recommended psi level. This means that you have to get a paddle board pump that can deliver. 

If your paddle board is not properly inflated, it will ride lower in the water and won’t be able to hold a lot of weight. It will be slower too. 

2. Budget

Some paddle board pumps cost as much as $170 while others only cost about $60. So you have to work with your budget.

You don’t have to buy the fanciest electric SUP pump. But you also shouldn’t go for the cheapest option. 

Make sure you get value for your money. 

If you decide to buy a high-end model, check to see that it is worth it. If your budget is tight, buy an affordable SUP electric pump with all the features you need. 

3. SUP Compatibility

The electric pump you buy should be compatible with the valve on your paddleboard. 

Know the type of valve that your SUP has–HR, Boston, pinch, double lock, Leafield valve, etc. Then see if the air pump you want is compatible. 

The electric pumps reviewed here will work with most inflatable paddle boards.  

4. Power

Paddleboard pumps connect to your car battery directly or through the cigarette lighter plug. Since most paddlers transport SUPs using their cars, this makes sense. 

Others, like the SereneLife pump, have a rechargeable battery. You won’t need a car to inflate your board. A SUP air pump like this would be ideal for paddle boarders who don’t go with their vehicles. 

5. Design

The best electric pumps are those with a pressure gauge. It lets you track inflation so you don’t overinflate or underinflate your SUP. 

All the iSUP pumps discussed above have a pressure gauge. Even better, they have an auto-shutoff function so you can choose your pressure setting. 

Something else that people forget to look at is the inflation hose length. Ensure that the hose is long enough to allow you to inflate your board comfortably in any situation.

Tips for Using An Electric Air Pump

1. Inflate to Recommended PSI

Don’t overinflate or underinflate your paddleboard. 

All inflatable paddle boards have a recommended psi. If you don’t properly inflate your SUP, the performance will be greatly affected. As already mentioned, it will be slow and it won’t be able to handle the weight it is supposed to hold. 

Over inflating, on the other hand, could cause permanent damage like popping. 

2. Check the Air Valve Before Inserting

Don’t inflate your paddle board while the air valve is pressed down. That is the open position. When you disconnect your pump after inflating, all the air will escape. 

See this video to understand what we’re talking about. 

3. Let It Cool Down Before Inflating Another SUP

The OutdoorMaster is a beast that can inflate three paddle boards in a row, up to 20 psi, with no problem. Most electric pumps, however, are not like this. Some can’t even do more than one inflatable SUP in a row.

Usually, the manufacturer will let you know whether or not the air pump can inflate multiple boards in a row. 

With the Seamax SUP20D, for instance, the manufacturer recommends letting it run in the air for one minute before pumping up the next SUP. 

Pay attention to the instructions to prevent the electric pump from overheating. This can cause serious damage.

4. Use the SUP Pump to Deflate

Manually deflating your inflatable paddle board is easy. You may not even think about letting your electric pump do the job for you. 

But getting all the air out of your blow-up SUP can be a little strenuous sometimes. So use your SUP electric pump. It will quickly and completely suck out all the air, making it easy to roll up the paddle board. 

Best SUP Pumps FAQs

Q: Are All SUP Pumps the Same?

No. SUP pumps are different, as you can see from the reviews above. While they do the same job, their designs differ. 

Some have rechargeable batteries, others have an LCD display, others can inflate as well as deflate, etc. 

The quality and features can differ greatly. So it depends on your budget and preferences.

Q: Are All SUP Pumps Universal?

Most SUP pumps are meant to be used on inflatable paddle boards. So manufacturers design them to be compatible with the most common iSUP valves. 

They also include a valve adapter(s) for SUPs without the common valves. 

Just make sure you read what the manufacturer says about compatibility so you buy the right pump.

Q: Can You Inflate a Paddle Board with an Electric Pump?

Yes. There are tons of electric pumps made for inflatable paddle boards. They make your work easier and save you some time.

Q: Can You Over-Inflate a SUP?

Yes. As mentioned, every inflatable paddle board has a recommended psi. While the more you inflate a SUP the better it will perform, it is possible to overdo it. And if that happens, you risk damage and your board could even pop.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Inflate a SUP?

Generally, inflating a paddle board takes about 10 minutes. But it depends on the type of pump you are using. 

With a hand pump, it may take longer to reach the max. psi. But if you try to pump faster it could take a shorter time. 

A powerful electric pump can fully inflate a paddle board in roughly 5 minutes. 

Q: What PSI Should My SUP Be?

Whatever the manufacturer recommends. Many of them have a recommended psi level of 10 to 15 for best performance. 


Electric SUP pumps are a necessary accessory for most paddle boarders. You don’t have to wear yourself out before you even start paddling. 

The OutdoorMaster is one of the best electric pumps you can own. It is the only one with an active cooling system, allowing you to inflate multiple SUPs in a row. The double-stage electric SUP pump ensures that you inflate your board to the right psi. It will shut off once the set pressure level has been reached.

The Sevylor is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a quality SUP pump. In addition to being well-made, it also has an auto-shutoff feature. And it can inflate your SUP up to 15 psi. 

If you are looking to upgrade to an electric SUP pump, the ones reviewed here are great options. You can’t go wrong with any of them.