Atoll inflatable stand up paddle board


It’s the perfect all-around medium-length (11 foot) inflatable sup board that comes at a decent price. It’s great both for beginners and more experienced riders. Also with this package, you’ll not only get just a paddle board, but also other accessories which makes it even more desirable.

Let’s look first at board dimensions and included accessories:

  • length: 11 feet
  • thickens: 6 inches
  • width: 32 inches
  • weight: 21lbs
  • paddle: 3 piece adjustable
  • pump: dual-action hand pump
  • extra accessories: leash, repair kit and backpack

Its dimensions make it a really great all-around balanced board be it for just touring, joga or even fishing. But if you prefer the last activity then check our recommended paddle board section – special boards. There you’ll find boards specifically for fishing and other activities.

Inflatable SUP itself is made of high-grade PVC. But there’s added also a second layer of PVC material on top and bottom of the board. That creates a really stiff and rigid board that can carry 300 lbs with ease, though tests allowed even more. And with its wideness of 32 inches, it will feel really stable.

It does have a small rocker in front and will handle chop and waves really well, so even rougher waters will not be a problem.

Even though based on dimensions it’s quite large and weighs 21 lbs it doesn’t give any problems to carry the board around. And as mentioned previously a backpack is also included that is large enough to store in it board, pump and also paddle. That’s great to keep everything in one place.

Also has 15 D-rings on the deck. You’ll be able to tie down quite a lot of things for your trip. That also includes seats if you prefer a more relaxed ride or go for fishing.

This board has a 3 fin design but if you’re not that experienced or not so comfortable in choppy waters with it then you may want to search another central fin. But you’ll need to test it for yourself. As the SUP board has universal fin installs then it’s no problem to find an aftermarket fin that you’d like to use. For your information, the other two small fins are not removable.

The paddle itself is adjustable and consists of 3 fiberglass pieces – comes with an ergonomic handle and nylon blade. This is another piece that you might want to swap later on – with a solid single piece paddle. But again that’s based on how you’ll feel as this handle is well made and quite sturdy. One other reason could be the handle if you prefer the tradition T shaped one.

A pump with a gauge is also included in this package. It’s a dual-action one which means that it will inflate when pushing down and pulling up. It will take some time to get it to it’s recommended 15 psi but it’s not that big of a deal. Anyway, it will be way faster than with a regular pump that will inflate only on pushing down.

And one last thing – a leash is also included. Better safe than sorry when you drop off your board and it starts to flow away from you. It’s not the most expensive piece of equipment but it’s great that it’s included.

Everything in the package is really well placed and carefully wrapped so there are no bad surprises once you receive it.

Final verdict – highly recommended all around inflatable stand up paddle board that will perform very well and will serve you for years. Also, Atoll customer service is very forthcoming and will be happy to help you.